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Matthew Keegan

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Your website is done, your business cards have been delivered, and your brochure has received accolades. In the promoting department you have everything you need, right? Well, there is one item you lack and by having this item in your arsenal it can be a dealmaker for you.

When I pitch my services to potential clients I always have on hand copious amounts of business cards. I drop them almost everywhere. I want people to look at my cards and then get online to view my website. So far, so good. However, besides a brochure there is one item I have learned to use - and modify - as needed. This item is a promotional flyer. That's right, a simple 8.5 x 11 sheet of buff paper outlining what I have to offer.

Why do I use a flyer? No, I do not pin this information all over the office nor do I pass them out as frequently as my business cards. Instead, when I run a promotion - which is always - I feature the “special" on paper and hand it to prospects along with my business card.

I have found that people want information at their fingertips. Sure, going to my website is important, but I also want them to know that the “deal" I am currently running is something they need to know about up front.

What do I put on the flyer? For starters, I put in big bold letters my special. Currently, one of my web packages is on sale for $549. So, the top of the flyer says: $549 Web Sites!

Immediately after in four short paragraphs I list the following information:

1. Qualified customers will receive my $795 package for 30% off.

2. I list all the features of the package. Did I say I use bullets? You bet!

3. Other services I am offering at the same time are listed briefly. I also state when the promotional period ends.

4. All my contact information including my name, phone number, email address, and web address are given.

What have I learned from implementing this method?

1. Black lettering on bright [not neon] paper gets attention. Leave out the graphics and simply state your offer. Underline, italicize or make bold certain keywords as necessary. Why not use neon paper? Neon equals cheap or tacky. Stick with pastels, they are elegant.

2. People are accustomed to receiving special offers. All the stores and most everything you purchase online today is priced lower than the sticker price. Slash your price and people will gladly reap the savings.

3. You can change your offer at any time. Go through the expense of creating a brochure and you cannot make changes to it without incurring additional charges. If your flyer matches your brochure consider “tri-folding" your flyer and sticking it neatly in with the brochure.

Remember, you are marketing not only your product but you are marketing yourself. Design a promotional flyer that you can be proud to call your own and reap the benefits of being able to modify your campaigns as necessary. Your customers will receive “a deal" and you will receive needed work.

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