Boost Headline Believability With Specifics

George Dodge

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Don't use vague generalities in your headlines. Be as specific as possible. For example, you may want to put a date into your headline, or a profit increase of some specific percentage, etc. When you use something specific, like a date, an exact dollar amount, or an exact quantity in a headline, it suddenly becomes more believable.

Using specific numbers makes the reader believe that you really know what you are talking about, you have researched the information, and that you can document what you are saying. Hopefully, that is all true. You never want to lie, it will ruin your credibility and eventually destroy your business.

But, having said the above, you may sometimes want to understate your claim. The truth may seem like hype, so you may want to tone it down.

Which headline is more believable?

"Using This Long Lost Secret, Our Business Grew By Leaps and Bounds!"

"Using This Long Lost Secret, Our Business Really Sky-Rocketed!"

"Using This Long Lost Secret, Our Business Grew by 973% in 65 days!"

The last one is the most believable, isn't it? Why? Because it appears to have been measured and it is very specific. An exact percentage in a very specific number of days.

"Using This Long Lost Secret, Our Business Grew over 900% in a little over two months!" while better than the first two, still is not as believable as the one that is more precise.

Or how about these sub headlines. . .

Special Price to End Soon, Buy Now!

Special Price Ends at Midnight, 1 April, Get Your Copy Now While It Is On Your Mind!

Only 37 Copies Left, At This Rate We Expect To Be Sold Out In 43 Hours, Get Your Copy Now! Don't Lose Out, When They Are Gone, They Are Gone.

Aren't the last two more believable that the first?

Here is what Brian Keith Voiles, a master copywriter, has to say about being specific in your headlines:

"Using specifics in a headline make it almost irresistible to your prospect to not continue reading. You need to use exact numbers: hours, minutes, # of days, evenings, dollars, ways, types of something.

Specifics always out-pull generalities. They mean more to our prospect, and they create intrigue about what you're going to tell them in your ad or letter. They draw the reader in. "

Let's take a look at a couple more comparison examples. The first example is targeted toward marketers who want to grow their mailing list.

"Over 30 Quick and Easy Ways You Can Grow Your List In One Month or Less. . . Guaranteed!"

"33 Quick and Easy Ways You Can Double Your List In 30 Days, Guaranteed!"

Which one attracts you more? The second one I'll bet.

Now let's look at a comparison that focuses on people who want to lose weight.

"Over 20 Quick and Easy Ways To Lose Weight In Less Than A Month. . . Guaranteed!"

"21 Quick and Easy Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In 25 Days. . . Guaranteed!"

Do you see the difference? Specifics create believability.

So, be as specific as possible in your headlines to increase your believability from the very start of your sales letter or ad and draw your readers further into your sales copy.

George Dodge is owner of the website where you can download software to save you time and effort required to quickly create powerful headlines with push button ease.


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