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Fast Facts about Full Color Brochure Printing


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Much has been said about how the full color brochure printing has helped most businesses in their marketing campaigns. However, not everyone knows what goes behind the printing process and how different it is from the other formats such as the spot color and black-and-white printing. So here they are, in tidbits, the fascinating facts about full-color printing process: Full color printing is also known as “CMYK printing” and “four-color printing”, giving a hint to the process by which the colors on the brochures are being produced.

The CMYK stands for the four primary colors that are generally used in photographic and printing processes: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Combining these colors creates the impression of the image on prints. Contrary to what most online printing companies claim, there is only 99% guarantee that the colors of the printed images will be the exact replication of those that appear on-screen. This is due to the RGB (Red, Green Blue) display color system that is generally used for PC monitors.

It has a different color value to the CMYK, which on the other hand is being used for printing purposes. There’s actually a little, if not barely visible, difference to the rendering of the colors from RGB to CMYK. However, if you would like to achieve optimum print results based on what you see on your screen, you might as well calibrate your monitor display settings. Calibration is mainly done to maintain color accuracy; that is, what you see on the screen will be the exact same colors that you can expect to get on the prints. Another tip to achieve color accuracy is to use color builds.

This eliminates the need for calibration, which often causes display issues due to the configurations that have been made. When planning to calibrate the display settings for full color brochure, you may find it difficult to get the best screen resolution if you are using a flat LCD screen. CRT monitors tend to give better and more accurate display. If you are working on your own brochure design through Adobe or any other similar program, you may choose to convert the colors instantly from RGB to CMYK.

Otherwise, the printing company may offer this service for free. Depending on the number of colors used and the overall quality of the prints, full-colored brochures can either be fairly or highly expensive. Still, if you’re going to consider the end result, you’ll realize that they are cost-effective in such a way that they can help attract more customers. The paper quality rarely affects the accuracy of the colors. Whether you choose matte or glossy paper, you can still be sure that the brochures have the same colors that you want.

Perhaps the only reference to their differences is the fact that the glossy paper looks more elegant. Do not confuse Pantone (“spot”) color printing with the four-color processing. Spot printing only uses a maximum of three (two is more common) colors to create an impression of the image.

When talking about Booklets Printing unlike the full color brochures printing which uses the combination of four primary booklets colors.


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The Allure of Color Brochure Printing
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