Which Are You Advertising: Chicken Fillets or Mouse Guts?

Bill Guertin

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Cats have very different taste buds than humans. Unfortunately for pet owners (consumers), we’re the ones that end up buying the cat food.

Pet food companies have figured this out. That’s why you see pet foods in flavors that humans like. If Purina made cat food in flavors that cats would really want, humans would never buy them.

Ask a hungry cat what he’d really like to eat right now. What do you think he’d say?

Mouse Guts.

So why does Purina Cat Chow only come in flavors like Seafood Blend and Savory Chicken? Because we pet owners are the ones making the buying decisions for our cats… and we’d rather have them eat something that doesn’t turn our stomachs.

If cats could understand and act on advertising, here’s what you’d hear on the radio:

“Hey, cats… it’s a crisp, steamy fall morning, and you’re fresh from the morning kill. It’s what you live for… find a mouse, bat it around, and then proudly bring it home for breakfast. That’s why we created Purina Cat Chow with Mouse Guts… so you can re-live that moment and enjoy the taste you crave each and every time your owner remembers to fill your bowl. Purina Cat Chow with Mouse Guts. It’s what you want. Right now. ”

To some of you, this is pretty funny stuff. To others, it makes you a little queasy. That’s good. Advertising is supposed to move you in some way.

What does your advertising make your customers do?

Some of you are writing advertising that only pleases you. You may think it’s really important that people know you’ve been in business since 1971. (Mouse guts. ) You just remodeled your entryway. (Mouse guts. ) Your delivery trucks all just got new tires. (Mouse guts. ) It makes your mouth water to hear those things. For everyone else, it just doesn’t apply to their lives. It’s all Mouse Guts to them.

In fact, it’s worse than mouse guts. At least with mouse guts, people have a reaction of some kind. With advertising that only you care about, a much worse thing happens. No one else cares. And they tune you out.

The opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference.

Is your advertising suffering from indifference? If you’re not selling benefits that someone will drool over (the equivalent of a tender, juicy bar-B-Q chicken fillet sandwich), you’re wasting your ad money.

And if your ads only appeal to those people who don’t make a difference to your bottom line (i. e. , cats), maybe it’s time you re-adjusted your advertising focus.

Here are the two questions you must answer: What do your potential customers crave? And how is that craving satisfied by you?

Let me repeat that, because it’s that important.

What do your potential customers crave?

And how is that craving satisfied by you?

Write that down somewhere. Bring it to your next team briefing or sales meeting, and ask everyone to answer these two questions, either on a sheet of paper or in a group discussion forum. Focus your energies on them, and listen to what the group is saying. You’ll find that the resulting advertising messages you create will improve measurably.

Everything else is mouse guts.

Bill Guertin, The 800-Pound Gorilla, was one of the youngest licensed Radio broadcasters in the state of Illinois at age 16. Bill’s 25+ years of real-world, on-the-street experiences in broadcast sales, service sales and marketing have given him a broad understanding of how and why people do the things they do.

He is currently the Director of Market Development for Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, IL, and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of The 800-Pound Gorilla, a professional speaking and consulting company in sales, customer service and marketing.

Groups appreciate the fact that Bill is a “working professional”, on the streets and in the trenches every day. He understands the challenges of his audiences first-hand, and your group will immediately relate to him on the subject matter. He may be reached at (815) 935-3272, or on the Web at http://www.The800PoundGorilla.com


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