Take Advantage of Your Foes

Gabrielle Guichard

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Let's take an example that is easy to check: I am French. Among the readers who reacted while reading that, an half felt their painful stomach ulcers starting up again while the others remembered their burning desire for visiting France. Nothing inexplicable. If the French-haters had not been that determined, the French-lovers would never have had to be so supportive. How long would it take to a Finn or a Bulgarian to provoke any reaction?

Whoever you are, whatever your activity, there are people who dislike you. The faster you sift them, the faster you can take care of the others. It is not only a matter of business; it is also good for your personal life. To know who your foes are and where they stand will avoid you a lot of trouble.

The easiest way to separate the grain from the bran and recognize your foes? Tell the truth! Your truth is bound to shock somebody else's. Of course, if the only truth you have to reveal is “The sky is above the roof", the results may be disappointing; though, do not take it for granted. A short research on the internet will show you how “burning" the question of the rotundity of the earth still is.

By telling your customers what you deeply think they must know, you will do them and yourself a service; if they agree, they will appreciate your opinion as well as your straightforwardness; if they disagree, either they will mill your grain: each time they will repeat your words there will be an opportunity that they reach someone you have not reached yet, or they will prevent you from wasting time with them. Allow your foes to do you this service: spending more time doing the things that get you great results. Thanks to them, you will be more successful.

The lukewarm customer is so difficult to convince that the actual purchase, if it happens! hardly pays for the trouble of selling it. The like minded and like hearted customer is already convinced. He comes to buy and he will come back if your service corresponds to what you announced. So, act and speak to freeze or to burn, never in order to smooth your way. . . or go back to your previous job and obey your boss.

Gabrielle Guichard is a French teacher who can be listened to on FrenchPodcasting.com .


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