Want Prospects to Do Something After Seeing Your Advertising? Ask 'em!

Jeremy Tuber

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Business owners are often perplexed that prospects that have been exposed to her/his advertising do not take any action. “We've run an ad in the (insert advertising medium here) but we haven't gotten any action from potential prospects, can you tell us why?"

I usually respond with, “Did you ask them to take any action?"
Savvy advertisers like you know that you always want to include an easy, low risk ways for their prospects to take action. Take for instance the folks over at AT&T, with their 1800-CALL-ATT collect call line. Not only do they tell you what action they want you to take, they show it to you - you actually see the fingers dialing the keypad: 1-8-0-0-C-A-L-L-A-T-T. AT&T takes no chances in getting their “call" to action across. Your advertising should do the same in conveying a clear, easy to follow call to action.

Remember, if you don't ask or prompt your prospects to act - they won't!

You can focus on getting your prospects to act by offering: additional, valuable information; promotions and contests; discounted products/services; coupons and more. What you elect to choose goes beyond the scope of this article, but what is important is that you offer a soft step that interested people can take if they like what you have to say. You want to make this step easy to follow, convenient, fast and something that will provide some value to your prospect. If you're a nature person, think of it like coaxing a squirrel to come over and visit you: if you run over to the squirrel like a banshee, he'll run from you. If you invite the squirrel to take low risk, easy, comfortable action steps that lead him closer to you, you will increase your chances infinitely. Clients aren't squirrels, but I hope you see the point.

With all of that said, I have to tell you that offering a call to action isn't going to be the magic bean that will make your sales numbers grow up into the clouds. What I can promise you is that if you don't place easy to follow, clear and convenient calls to action in your advertising, you are leaving action up to you prospects and hoping they'll know what to do next - and this is a scary place to be.
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If you want more information about advertising or calls to action, give me a call at 480-391-0704 or email me at comments@candographics.com

Jeremy Tuber runs the only business savvy graphic design firm who helps companies build more confidence and credibility into their business identities. “I help you take your business’ vision and shape it into a company identity that will make you look better, feel better and have more confidence about your business. ”

He is an atypical designer with a passion for marketing as well as design. Jeremy infuses solid marketing expertise into design projects that he guarantees to bring satisfaction and results. Clients often remark that he brings a terrific enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude to each project. In 1st quarter 2006, he will introduce his first book aimed at helping aspiring artists run a more profitable and more enjoyable design business called, “Being a Starving Artist Sucks”.

Learn more about Jeremy and how you can gain a competitive advantage with a better brand by visiting http://www.candographics.com


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