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Touch screen Digital Advertising To Flat screen Enclosure Employed in Health care

Graham Gallagher

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Engaging interactive employed in a Dental Surgery

Customer facing hardware are becoming an expected part of everyday life, with out us even contemplating them. So using an digital tablet device on entering the dental surgery to enroll for a consultation is nothing new.

Capturing data in this way enables the employees to treat the data in an effective way, all helping in the smooth running surgery, and providing the patient the best care. Everything from a simple change of an address or telephone number, to renewing any prescribed medicines can be simply changed.

These touch screen pc's are usually wired to the main server within the dental practice, or instead linked via the Internet to a central processor, as in the case of a dental franchise. The information is saved securely with very little paperwork (though inescapably there is always some!). The TVs can be touched using a finger or stylus which eliminates the challenges of unreadable writing, causing blunders to be made, and the program can be set out in the form of a flow chart - YES or NO boxes leading to other pertinent questions, or a color coded format, with simple boxes to fill in. This is suitable to almost everyone, including older patients, who may not be as accustomed or self-confident in employing such technology.

Another moneymaking use of the digital menu board is to incorporate advertising, aimed at the patients. Watching a moving display is far more eye-catching than reading the more established static board and it supplies a revenue 10 fold, as more than the one advertising campaign can be running in sequence over a period of time.

This form of interactive data inputting is something we’ll see a lot more of in every walk of life, now let us look at Flat screen enclosures.

TV Casing - Functions In Hospitals For Digital Signage Safeguard

We all know that digital marketing is prevalent every where we look; now we are noticing dynamic signage deployed in hospital car parks.

Hospitals have woken up to the fact that they can benefit from the revenue they get from promotional companies that fit the dynamic marketing equipment and take ownership of the dynamic marketing system.

So advertising agencies are concentrating on local organizations and pharmaceutical companies who are in turn advertising on the signage network, the cash paid is then divided on a proportion rate to the hospice.

So these organizations have discovered that the most successful way to protect the electronic hardware is to put them inside LCD housings, these units give the right amount of protection from the elements and from human abuse.

Way finding.
The LCD enclosures are utilized in conjunction with the digital advertising technology for way finding in the car park to direct visitors and patients to the exact wards, this stops frustration and perplexity when visiting friends and family. These casing provide the pertinent protection from the rain, snow and vandals.

ER - Time warping.
Would you not rather look at a TV program to while away the time, while waiting to be seen by a health care professional? But the challenge is as the nights go on, the emergency rooms are infrequently filled with patients who are inebriated by drink or drugs and this is a tricky time for workers, as a noticeable number of physical attacks on medical experts has been reported in the last couple of years.

As well as the staff being protected by security staff, the digital advertising in the emergency room is also protected from assault with LCD housings. These put a stop to sufferers trying to remove the TV hardware or even worse prevent them from harming the display.

Ward use.
When children come to a hospital it can be a traumatic experience, as nothing will be recognizable, however some hospitals are fitting televisions in children's wards to get them into familiar surroundings by letting the young person watch cartoons, this then relaxes them and puts them at ease. As we all know with children, the demand is there to prevent little fingers getting to any electrical wires, hence the use of LCD cases; these give a level of protection throughout the hospital.

Now if there are places of the hospital that are not protected or watched, the technology needs to be protected by anti vandal LCD enclosures, these nip in the bud vandals breaking into the cases and removing equipment this is prevented by using state of the art high security locks - even defacing the screen with spray paint is difficult as the viewing window has a unusual coating that just wipes clean of any spray paint!

Over the past 20 years Graham has developed a range of outdoor digital signage protective enclosures and founded LCD Enclosure Global who are the leading manufacturer of LCD monitor enclosures , they also offer anti vandal LCD enclosures that provides all the protection and security needed for outdoor use.


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