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What Employers Want From You


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Most people think that finding a job is such a difficult task. The truth however, is that job hunting can be pretty simple and easy. By simply knowing what the employers are looking for, you can easily land the job of your dreams.

Here are some qualities that employers are commonly looking for:

Work Experience
Work experience is one of the first things that employers look for in an applicant. Depending on the job and the position, an employer may require at least two to five years of experience related to the field or industry. If you are a fresh grad and you lack the experience, perhaps, it would be better to list down qualities or trainings that is related to the job.

For instance if an employer is looking for a writer, you can mention to the employer the workshops that you have attended. You can also submit sample articles that will showcase your talent.

Attitude and Personality
Apart from work experience, it is essential that you also posses the attitude and personality that the job calls for. Important attitudes include: “can do”, “will deliver”, “never say die”, as well as “I am willing to learn” attitude. Remember that these attitudes should come out during the interview. Express to your prospective employer that you possess all the positive personality that they are looking for.

Process Thinker
Although doing ones job well is enough, it is also essential that you also take note of how you can effectively and efficiently get the job done. Make sure that you take note of how fast can you do the job, how can you create result with less effort, and how can you make yourself more productive.

Problem Solver
Problems and issues are just some of the things that are innate in a job. So be the kind of employee who looks at the solution instead of the problem. Remember that employers put a high mark on performance for problem solver employees. So be like that kind of employee by being open and receptive.

It is important to highlight to the employer that you are a very determined and steadfast applicant by employee. You can show this by being tenacious and committed to your work. Regardless whether you are working on a tight deadline or you are required to meet a quota, it is very essential that you show that you are persistent and hardworking.

Team Player
Being in a part of a company means that you should also be team player. It is essential that you show to the employer that you are able to work well with your colleagues by gaining the respect and trust of your workmates.

Work life balance
A balanced life would easily equate to being productive. So make sure that you can efficiently juggle and balance both your personal and professional balance.

Most employers look at being resourceful as a great talent. Applicants and employees who are like that are able to deliver something out of very limited resources.

Donald Varner


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