Be Creative - Effective Advertising Is Extremely Important

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Don't be embarrassed when it comes to advertising. Sell yourself and you will succeed. Without advertising, there is no exposure, and without exposure, there is no business. Don't expect people to just find your site or store and give you business.

Be creative. Money is not the only solution to getting your business off the ground. Take advantage of all the free services and materials to get your name out there. Submit your site to free web directories, print out flyers and put them in people's mail box or drop them off in malls or airports for people to take a glimpse of your business. Make t-shirts with your company logo and contact information and wear them around whenever you go.

I would like to suggest something like, go write on walls for people to look at, but that's called vandalism so please stay away from that.

Just to give you an idea of what you can do with your creativity. Don't just think, go act it out. Everyone has some idea of how to advertise, but most of the time they back down because they think it's stupid or embarrassing. Nothing is embarrassing but rather consider it successful if you are able to get your name out to even a single person. That one person may talk about your company with another person, which is called “word of mouth" advertising - most effective and credible advertising method available. They can either talk about your business or make fun of it; either way, more and more people are getting to know what you are doing!

Go out there and show them what you got!

By Anthony Bae
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