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Stephen Kaye

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Advertising – Who Needs It? - Who doesn’t!

Most people who read information about business or advertising are doing so because they are trying to make some kind of positive change in their life. Perhaps get a job, make money, and increase their customer base – whatever. That’s the central purpose of a classified ad. They get you what you want.

This article has the same purpose, Like a classified advertisement, it will get you one of the things you want – it will show you how to write a classified advert. which gets results. Not only that, it will help to prevent you from wasting your hard-earned cash ads which never had a cat in hells’ chance of bringing you any business in the first place!

This article has a focused theme (showing you how to write ads). In the same way your advertisement should have that a central and focused purpose. Your advert. should be 100% geared to achieve one thing and one thing only

  • If the intention of the ad is to get people to contact your business, then that is the only thing it should achieve. And it must achieve that one thing, nothing else.

  • If you are trying to sell your old car your ad should get your telephone ringing the minute it hits the newsstands.

  • If your advert is to get your 25-years old set of Encyclopaedia Britannica sold, that it the only thing it should achieve, and it must achieve that one thing. You would expect the telephone to start ringing within hours of the advert hitting the streets.

    Seems obvious enough, doesn’t it? What else should an advert do? Why would a good advert in the classifieds section achieve anything else other than sell the service or product it was written for?

    Unbelievable analysis

    A random analysis of any classified adverts in any magazine or newspaper shows something unbelievable. Most people appear to have written their advertisements whilst asleep, during Wimbledon, watching a Science-Fiction film, or even when walking the dog. Most of the ads appear to have been written with the express intention of throwing money into the nearest skip.

    What does a brief view of over 95% of classified adverts show? It shows that the writers have broken the basic rules of marketing.

    Stephen Kaye is an Author and Businessman living in Devon, UK. He is the owner of http://www.kaymexdirect.co.uk Kaymexdirect market a range of Information products in different formats. Many of these cover the subject of Internet Marketing. The full booklet (27 pages) of ‘How To Write Effective Adverts’ is available as a . pdf download for £29.50. Contact the author at kaye. steve@gmail.com

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    Analysing Adverts for the Creative Response
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