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Making the Most of the Promotional Pen The Flexible Marketing Tool!

Harwood E Woodpecker

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Using a promotional give away to promote your business can be a very cost effective way to get your message over to people and depending on what give-away you choose to go with it can also be a very productive way of spreading your company message far and wide. One of the best promotional giveaways that there is has to be the promotional pen.

When you are looking to plan a promotional giveaway the one thing above all else that you need is for your giveaway to be desirable, and a giveaway pen is always a desirable item. By choosing the correct way in which to give your promotional pen away you can make your giveaway appear even more desirable.

The beauty of choosing a promotional pen as your chosen giveaway is that there are so many style and designs available that cover such a wide price spectrum. For an extra special promotional pen giveaway you might chose a very good quality steel ball point pen and for a mass marketing exercise you might want to go with a standard plastic throwaway pen. Whatever you do choose to go with it is important to judge your target customer base correctly and ensure that you give the right promotional pen away for your market. A high flying business customer may not be as impressed with a plastic throwaway pen advertising your company or services as a shop worker for instance.

Promotional pens tend to get cheaper the more that you buy, so if you are looking to arrange a couple of giveaways through out the space of a year you may be as well to buy all of the pens in one go rather than to have to place two orders for a higher price. Metal pens are the most expensive and exclusive option that is open to you, these have a great perceived value and if packaged properly can add even more credentials to your business.

If you are trying to achieve an extremely high perceived value for your giveaway you might consider having your metal pens laser engraved rather than printed on. Eventually printing will wear off of any pen where as laser engraving will stay forever, this is even more important if you are giving a very good quality metal pen away with your details on. Once your company message has worn off of the pen the pen is no longer a promotional pen, it is simply a pen.

If you are trying to achieve a light hearted giveaway you might consider giving a novelty promotional pen away. These are great fun and are available in many designs and colours, usually very bright and recognisable to your clients. It is great if you can create a promotional pen that is easy to find and that will get used frequently. Although people may not study your pen every time that they use it they will always remember sub-consciously where it came from. Sometimes that is all that is needed to create that extra bit of exposure that your business needs.

Because there are so many pens available on the market you should spend some time thinking through thoroughly which one would be the best for your chosen campaign. You should consider the budget that you have to spend as well as the customers that you are going to target. By doing this correctly you should be able to create an extremely effective promotional campaign.

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Harwood E Woodpecker.


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