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Maximize the Return on Your Advertising Using This Method


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Obviously, advertising is a vital part of the success of most companies. If consumers don't know about your product, how can they buy it? One avenue of advertising often ignored is airplane banner ads, that is, flying an ad behind an airplane over a large group of people.

Consider these advertising principles and how banner ads can help you reach them. First, experts say you should go after your target audience. Good ads focus almost exclusively on the people most likely to be interested in the product or service. Banner ads reach a captive audience and almost demand to be read. If your product is something of interest to such a group, this is an inexpensive way to reach them.

Secondly, good ads establish an image. The cowhide pattern on a box says it comes from Gateway. You know what Golden Arches mean. Logos also identify products, like car manufacturers or food chains. Consider streaming your logo over thousands of people at a beach or other large gathering. In this one gesture, many are forced to think about your product and perhaps associate it with a need that is already on their mind.

Point three: you have to spend money to make money. Typically advertising is not a place to cut costs. Dollar for dollar, banner ads are a bargain. But they are also an investment. It costs money to design the ad, have it made, and then to fly it over the crowds. Research shows that banner ads are effective in reaching the audience and boosting sales.

Advertise in the right places. Your favorite radio or television station, magazine, or newspaper may not be reaching the audience you desire, especially when you consider the cost of these ads. Yet, in a large group of people, many will be interested in what you have, regardless of what it is. Banner ads reach everyone in a given location and some of them will no doubt be the means of sales growth.

Your budget should not run your advertising plan. In other words, if you spend the same amount on advertising each month, this may not be wise for seasonal products. Banner ads are especially effective in advertising either non-seasonal products or summer products since the group of people will be seeing it during warmer weather.

Experts advise companies to diversify their ads. Banner ads are not the only effective means of advertising. They are just an often neglected yet very effective way to advertise. Some produce banner ads that direct people to an address or website for more information. Some just perk interest so people will read their printed ad.

Try to test your ads in advance. This is easy with banner ads because research has been done that indicates people read the ads, and remember them longer after seeing them than they do with printed ads. In other words, it is already a proven means of getting a message across.

Lastly, monitor your ads. It is easy to ask new customers where they heard about you. You will probably find that many in a given location saw the ad in the sky.

Time has shown that advertising by airplane banner towing is an extremely effective way to get a message to a large group of people. Expert advice about aerial advertising along with a free estimate is provided by AirSign - one of the leaders in the industry since 1996.


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Promotional Umbrellas The Cost Effective Method of Advertising
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