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The Five Characteristics of a Good Poster


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A poster is a strong advertising technique when designed properly. Every good poster has several things in common. A poster that is missing any of these characteristics is likely to underwhelm you with its performance. Keep these five characteristics in mind as you design your next poster printing project.

1. It Does the Job Quickly
A poster's job is to communicate your information quickly and efficiently. Many beginning businesspeople think that they need to pack as much as they can onto their posters. However, trying to put too much information, or too many images, into your poster will make it look complicated and cluttered. A cluttered poster cannot “talk" to its viewers quickly, which prevents it from doing its designated job. A good poster is simple yet effective. It tells everyone who looks at it what they are supposed to know right away.

2. It Gets Attention
Obviously, a good poster is attractive enough to bring in your target customers. You have to incorporate elements into your poster that will entice your target customers to look at the poster and get the information you want them to have. It is usually a good idea to include offers on your posters to gain attention. Or, you can throw in some interesting information that pertains to your subject. You can also include a picture or image that is attention grabbing.

3. It is Convincing
As we already said, you do not want to include too much information in your poster. However, you have to give your readers enough to convince them that what you are saying is accurate. Use short but strong statements to back up your claims. Be careful not to overextend yourself. Do not make claims or exaggerations that you cannot defend. In fact, not making any claims at all is usually a good idea. Just use what you need to get your message across.

4. It Effectively Uses Color
Black and white posters are not nearly as effective as color posters. A poster that incorporates color into its scheme will attract many more viewers. Full color brochures are much more powerful and will have a much stronger impact on your customers. Try to use color in a strategic way, however. Using the wrong colors could backfire on you.

5. It is Simple
Some of the most effective posters are surprisingly simple. Some posters do not even have any text at all, just some well placed images and strategically chosen colors. I'm not saying you shouldn't use words on your poster - you should - but always try to keep your poster as simple as you can, while still conveying your message. Each poster that you design should have one strong message; do not try to do too much with it.

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