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How well your fundraiser does will depend on how much publicity you can attract. Your community should be made aware of your fundraiser, so they can help raise funds and increase your results. If your community doesn’t know about the fundraiser you are hosting, who is going to show up?

We have listed some fundraising publicity tips below that will help you start out on the right foot and get your fundraiser the attention it deserves!

There is No Such Thing as Too Much Publicity
Send a press release that details your fundraiser to your local paper. You can also distribute a press release online for free if you have a website that can accept orders from all over the world. Find community newsletters you can also use to let the community know about your fundraiser. If you live in an area that has homeowners associations, call a few of the bigger associations and inquire about their newsletter distribution. Some will allow you to include your fundraising info for free or for a nominal fee.

Flyers – A Tried and True Marketing Tactic
Distribute flyers all over your area! Place them on doors, on windshields, and on telephone poles (first make sure you know the laws in your area). Start by targeting small businesses, grocery stores and local neighborhoods. Have flyers readily available with you everywhere you go, so you can pass them out. Also, be sure that your volunteers actively hand out flyers everyday. Make the flyer short but to the point, as too much information on a flyer will result in the person tossing it away without having read it. Remember: less is more!

Give Away a Free Gift
Having a small gift to give away during your fundraising event will help to remind people about your company and your fundraiser. Depending on the budget you have available, you can have products such as bumper stickers, pins, pens, and t-shirts designed with your group’s name or logo. Then can give them away to all those that participate in your fundraising event!

These are just a few ways you can get your fundraiser some publicity and make the community more aware of your fundraising efforts. Remember, if nobody knows about your fundraising event, they won’t be able to participate!

Michelle Pearson is a former fundraising consultant who currently is a writer for the Fundraising Know How Magazine at – a site that specializes in helping fundraising coordinators offering information on cookie dough fundraisers, cheearleading fundraisers, cookbook fundraising and more.


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