How to Dominate Other Yellow Page Ads

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What I’m about to reveal to you is “classified” information. Top secret stuff.

Okay… maybe not top secret… but you should know some entrepreneurs pay big bucks for the information I’m about to reveal to you. And that’s no fib either.

If your business is listed in the yellow pages this strategy will send lots of customers your way… resulting in more sales.

It’s a simple tactic, but works in a big way. Yet hardly anyone uses it. I’m not sure why. I’m guessing it has something to do with a tendency us to go along with a crowd without even consciously thinking about it.

When it comes to marketing, we want our customers to buy from us or hire us. Then again, we’re often afraid of appearing too different from other businesses.

So what’s this got to do with advertising in the Yellow Pages? Plenty.

In fact … I can prove it. Just go right and grab your local Yellow Pages Directory. Alright now… open it up… and tell me what you see.

Lots of ads, right? Problem is… they look alike.

Right at the top of 99% of these Yellow Page Ads is the business name. For example, under the “Haircutters and Stylists” listings we might see something like the following at the top of each ad block:

“Sally Jones Hair Salon”

“Theresa’s Hair Care”

“Quickie Cuts”

“The Family Hair Gallery”

Now… if you’re thinking, “Sure Joe, but EVERYONE structures their Yellow Pages Ad like that…”

Uh huh. You see where I’m coming from?

Most people are afraid of looking too different from everyone else in business. And this is especially true in their advertising.

That’s no good. For one thing, your advertising is supposed to set you “apart” from the crowd… tell readers what’s unique about you. And second… you’re paying big bucks for a Yellow Page Listing.

So make your yellow page advertising count!

The person who opens up the yellow pages is looking for something. They’re either looking for a particular item, or they’re looking for something to solve a particular problem.

If someone is reading the category you’re listed under it’s a good chance they’re a HOT prospect. A high percentage of Yellow Page shoppers are ready to buy NOW.

So is your business name likely to grab their attention? Probably not. People don’t care about your business name. They want to know if you can help them with their need. And help them NOW.

So how are you going to make your Yellow Page Listing stand out from the crowd? Well… for starters…

Use a big, bold headline. Right at the top of your space ad.

Let’s say you’re a busy person who’s just moved into the neighborhood. Today, you’re in the market for a new hair cutter/stylist. Your turn to the above section in the Yellow Pages Book and read the listings. Except now, instead of Theresa putting “Theresa’s Hair Care” at the top of her ad there’s the following headline:

“People Wasting Time at Most Hair Salons Trying to Look Their Best”

Hmmm… that’s interesting. You begin reading. The next few lines of body copy immediately following the headline say something like this:

“Most hair salons waste a client’s time. First, they make customers sit in a room and read magazines. Never mind the customer has an 11 a. m. appointment. The Salon thinks 11:15 or 11:20 is the same thing as 11:00. Next, the customer gets their hair washed. Then they sit a few more minutes until their stylist has an open chair.

This NEVER happens at Theresa’s Hair Care. Whether you want the latest style, or simplest cut, you can look your best without spending half a day at the salon. Her stylists are all experts in the latest trends. But Theresa has developed a system… like clockwork. This means no wasted time. She even promises that if you call ahead and book a time-slot you’ll NEVER have to sit and wait more than 7 minutes before a stylist gives you their full personal attention - - or your haircut is FREE. To find out more pick up the phone right now and call 555-5555 to book an appointment. ”

Notice how this is written. Like a news editorial; not an ad. It’s written this way for a reason.

If getting a nice haircut quickly is important to customers in Theresa’s area then her Yellow Pages ad speaks directly to a core desire. If Theresa can deliver on the promises she makes in her ad then she’s got a winner. And her YP listing will generate customer response like crazy over other listings in her category.

Bank on it.

Joe Farinaccio helps entrepreneurs sell their goods and services. For more information on Yellow Page advertising and direct marketing visit his website at…


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