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How to Create a Compelling Brochure


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Although marketing online has seemed to take over the marketing stratosphere, that does not mean it has eliminated traditional offline marketing strategies. Far from it. Actually, people are still a little leery about buying some items from online companies; items like televisions, cars and other big-ticket products.

This is where offline marketing techniques like brochure printing comes in. An online company needs to have offline marketing materials for the following reasons:

It gives you authenticity: Having professional brochures, flyers, sales letters and other printed marketing materials make you look like a “real" company. Anyone can afford to print up some business cards on their own home printers, but hardly anyone has the kind of technology to print professional-looking brochures at home.

Offline materials save your customer time. Some people like to mull things over, and they generally do not want to do it in your store. By handing them brochures to take home with them, they can make the decision on their terms, and in their time. Brochures can point people to your Web site, can give more details about your product, or can introduce new products to your current customers.

Although all print marketing materials are important to your online business, we will focus on brochures for this article. Each marketing piece needs its own focus and attention. You cannot plan all of them at once.

Here are the top three tips for creating an effective brochure:

Write from the reader's point of view

This means knowing what your reader wants to know, and the order he or she wants to read it in. An easy way to do this is to ask questions a potential customer would ask about the product or service featured in the brochure. Let us say you own a dentist's office. The first thing new patients will want to know is, what services you offer and how those services can help them. So you put that info in the first panel of your brochure (the first panel after the cover, that is). Next, people will want to know a little more about the services in depth. After that, they will want to know the pricing for each service and then your payment and financing options. This is a logical flow that will keep people reading your brochure because they would not get frustrated trying to find the info they want.

Use an eye-catching headline that touts a benefit for the reader. The cover of your brochure should not just include the name of your company and your logo. Save that info for the back panel of the brochure. The cover should include a headline that gets readers’ attention and perhaps an image that is also an attention-getter. Give the reader a reason to open the brochure and read on. Whether that is a “secret" or an “exclusive offer, " you need to give them a reason to look inside.

Get to the sale part quickly.

Not everyone wants to read all the details about your great product or service. You can include a list of features on one of the last panels of the brochure, but the premium space should be focused on getting the reader excited about the product. By the time the reader gets to the last panel of the brochure, he should be sold! Make sure to sell quickly by putting all your benefits and ways to contact to you upfront. Also, include contact information on the back panel, where people expect it.

As you can tell, a brochure is well worth the time to create it. Once you pull people in with your great headline and benefits, you can direct them to your Web site to order or for more information. Even if the person doesn't buy from you, you will at least increase traffic to your Web site with brochures!

Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and other online business strategies.

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