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In today’s world advertisement plays a very unique role in providing a particular product its status of familiarity. Advertising thus can be defined as a bridge between the newly launched product and the consumer. Advertisement provides the opportunity to mould the opinion of the audience in favor of the product. Even the most drab and dull subjects can be turned into an interesting one with the magical wand of advertising.

Copywriting (both in print and media) provides the audience with such simple and loveable jingles that go to a great extent in popularizing the advertisement as well the product. Its role in creating a general awareness of the product among its target audience is very important. It is based on this advertisement that a consumer first comes to know the new product’s features, availability status, and price.

It is based on the proper advertising of any product that its survival in the market is decided.

Advertising thus can be said to be a key tool, which creates “need”, which earlier was not perceived by the consumer. It creates a brand consciousness among people which in the long run tends to be an important factor in popularizing the demand of the product or good. It is advertising that builds a drive in the customer to purchase or consume the good by highlighting the best features in the good, which would ultimately help to satisfy the customer need.

Television (advertisements), radio (jingles), press (paid spaces), and different other means like glow signs, billboards, posters, pamphlets are the various ways by which the consumer receives the message an advertisement would want to provide about its brand to which later on the consumer would relate. In other words advertising can manipulate the thought of the consumer in favor of the good. However much depends on how the good is presented in front of the consumers, which again brings to our notice the use of proper words, colour, theme and emotions.


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