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Expert Advertising Methods That Produce Instant Results

Jimmy Wilson

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Packaging Presentation and Price

In order to effectively and efficiently get the most from your advertising dollars, it's important to remember the 3 P's. Packaging, Presentation, and Price, are the keys to a successful advertising campaign.

Let's first imagine how you go about your own personal shopping for products. What is the first thing that catches your eye? Is it the color, the size, the shape, chances are it's all of those factors. Our eyes are stimulated to want to see more or to investigate further. Eye-catching is the strongest tool in advertising, that's why you will usually see a beautiful female involved in the presentation. Catching a person's attention is foremost in getting them to initially look further about a product. Okay, not all products are promoted by a pretty girl, but to make my point, it's all about what appeals to your visual senses.

Packaging is about the visual effects it casts off, to lure you to it's contents. We are drawn by other factors but to illustrate the basics, you need to understand it's not about the product first. Capturing an audience or customers is you main objective in successful advertising.

The next step is making your presentation a successful one. You need to address the need to own, have, or possess the product from a need situation. Consumers are drawn to a concept that will fix, improve, or eliminate a problem. If you can strike a nerve with one of these solutions quickly, you can hold their attention to learn more about your product. Satisfy your customers needs and you will gain their business faster than any other method.

The final step in a successful advertising campaign is price. Price your product to out sell the existing brand or method. If the consumer can see the benefits and it also replaces another product if for price alone, it's a must have product. The price can be adjusted upward later if your advertising attracts initial sales. If your product does what is says, then the price increase will be absorbed by your established business.

Now, if your business is an online business model and you want to attract customers, the next step is to make it easily accessible. If you want to attract the most buyers, you must offer immediate sales methods of using credit cards and mail orders as well. Even in today's, have it now world, you will miss a considerable amount of sales if you don't offer regular mail-in orders. There is a significant group of individuals that will not make use of credit card information online.

All this now understood and accomplished, the last but not least insider advantage is to have your online business spread as wide and as far as you possibly can in the least amount of time. To do this you need professional assistance in making sure your online business appears in as many search engines as humanly and electronically possible. Take a look at this very unique and highly targeted list of key search engines, where your business gets the biggest bang for your buck, in the shortest period of time.

Jim is an online writer and expert in online advertising. Today he writes about getting the most from your advertising dollar:


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