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Progressive Sales Brochures - Making a Sales Brochure Work

Binny Satin

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The heading of a Sales Brochure is like an advertisement. It has 15 seconds to draw your customer in. If it does not do that, it will be discarded.

Why does a brochure have 15 seconds? It is a simple reason. Consumers are skeptical about advertisements. They will pick up their mail, glance through the ads, and only keep for later review what they perceive might offer them a good deal or value. They throw the rest before they get home or if they are in a shop, they do not pick it up.

Once you have their attention and they proceed to the next step of actually going through the brochure, you have to offer them your services or product in a light that is going to appeal to them. Think of how you would look at an advertisement. Would you give it another glance if you did not think it helped you in any way? Make it easy on the eyes by using color brochures. When you pick the colors, they have to be conducive to what your product is, for example if you are selling a nightclub you better have bright colors. On the other hand, if your product is a cool and relaxing beach in a resort, then bright colors will be the last thing a customer wants to see. Nice soothing colors which spell relaxation is what you would want.

Once you have sold them on your idea, make it easy for them to reach you. That is the idea in the first place. So many times, we like what we see, but get frustrated trying to reach the company. The voice mail is not direct, leading you through a myriad of steps or the website takes you everywhere but where you want to go. Many people think that if they can get you to spend more time on their phone or website, it is good for them. One has to see why we have these conveniences. Their sole purpose is to give the customer what he or she wants in the shortest time possible.

In brochure printing, there are the good and the bad. Many brochures offer nothing to the consumer as far as value is concerned. A good brochure will however give more to the customer and the consumer will tend to keep the brochure, until he can reach the company offering the services or product.

Binny Satin


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