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The most successful a company is the most it advertises. Big companies have big advertisement budgets – they spend crores of rupees every month on advertisements. They are not advertising because they are successful, they are successful because they advertised and they are advertising shrewdly. In stiff competition of the modern age no venture or business can have any hope of success unless they advertise heavily and wisely. Suppose you have a wonderful and unique product but nobody would buy it till the people know about it. The solution – you have to tell the people about its qualities and availability. Then many of them will start buying it and your business vehicle will run.


In fact, advertisement is like the spark plug of business. The engine of your business vehicle won’t run without it. The first secret of business success is having a valuable and good product the second is letting the people know that you have such a product.

There was TV shop. The owner was a sincere and hard-working man. He talked politely and kept quality TVs. He was so popular that customers came to him again and again. Then one day, a smart man opened a new TV shop in another building. This man believed in power of advertisements. Thus he started advertising in local newspaper regularly and put up banners and boards at busy cross roads. In the beginning he found it very tough to get customers. He was losing money. But his faith in advertisement was immense so he continued advertising and telling the people about the extra benefits they would get if they bought TVs from his shop. Soon customers flocked to his shop and he had roaring business. Then he increased his budget of advertising so that it could become difficult for his competitors to challenge him. After some time people forgot the old shopkeeper and he was out of business. It was all due to the impact of wise advertising.


India is big in telecom sector too. Great success of Reliance, Tata, Airtel and BSNL in telecommunication is the direct result of effective advertisement campain. They almost bombarded the media with juicy ads which could hook the customers to their company, and they succeeded. Campaign of Reliance was more aggressive from the beginning throwing into its account more than 5 million just in two years customers. A rare feat in this industry. Deeply moved by Reliance others companies also poured a large amount of their budget into innovative advertisement campaigns and they too were handsomely rewarded by the customers.


When there was no Pepsi the king of the cold drinks was Coca-Cola. The group who wanted to launch Pepsi thought they had a marvellous product and they also knew about the power of advertisement. They planned innovative publicity techniques and invested a lot of money in advertisements. Soon Pepsi became a powerful competitor. Pepsi is still using the same old technique to have lead over Coke everywhere. Both of these companies eliminated the competition from the whichever country they entered with the sheer force of their advertisement war.


Multinational companies succeed because they advertise so heavily that the people start forgetting the local products. Most of the people demand for those products which are advertised again and again. It is psychology of the people. If they buy an unadvertised product they feel an inferiority complex. Heavily advertised product becomes a status symbol for them. They love to buy a branded product and show it to others proudly. Visit any big shop of your area and you can see it yourself that people rarely buy those products which are not advertised. The bigger the advertisements the better the sale.

Advertisements not only supply products according to the demand but they also have power to mould the taste of the public. So advertise … advertise… advertise …

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