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Why Postcards Can Help You Start Small And Grow Big Strategy


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When your marketing strategy is to go directly to your customers and build your business a little at a time, use postcard printing. It involves very low initial cost and gets your offers directly in front of your customers.

For many small businesses as a service provider, their marketing opportunities and challenges greatly differ from those who sell actual products. Selling products require building a distribution chain of dealers and sub-dealers, or go on piggy back on large retail stores. Service on the other hand is your own solo effort.

You can advertise with posters, billboards, radio spots, but as a small one shop business with a tight cash flow you need an inexpensive way to advertise with fast return on investment. The last thing you want is trying to hit a fly with a sledgehammer.

  • Advertising Strategy:

    Directly mailing your advertisements to your customers places your marketing strategy under the radar. Chances are a number of your competitors is unaware of this strategy and will find it more difficult to counter. You can use it to invite customers to events, announce sales or product offers.

  • Brand Building:

    With postcards, you can print a few hundred pieces at a time at very little cost. You can give these away to your customers as a loyalty coupon after a service, or you can use it to cold call in direct-mailing terms.

  • The chances of success are higher for existing customers and will likely deliver a faster return on investment. But even so, because postcards are very cheap, the direct-mail campaign also has a high probability of generating sales.

  • Self-priming

    One of the hazards of spending too much on advertising is the dangers of risking too much of your capital and constricting your cash flow. Printing postcards is an initial step that lets you start with a small capital and get the momentum going.

    As you generate more sales, you can invest and reinvest your profits to print more advertising materials. You can keep printing postcards or expand into more in-depth materials like catalogs or brochures to educate your market, or breadth with posters and signs. This way, additional materials can go without additional capital.

  • Adjustable:

    They can be printed in a few hundred pieces and can be adjusted as you go along. You can even print an empty back so you can customize the message for each card and reach individual persons. Your cards can talk about completely different things at every turn so you can cater to your clients’ personal preferences.

  • Adds value to your services:

    Postcards are seen more as products than simple advertisements. When you are in the service industry you focus on developing relationships with individual customers. Flyers and brochures can seem rather impersonal when you want to create meaningful connections. Postcards on the other hand can be used as a token of appreciation.

    Small businesses who want to build their business in a slow but sure manner can take advantage of the many features of postcard printing.

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