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Trade Show Displays


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Exhibiting at trade shows or other types of business conferences is an invaluable way to get your company in the public eye. Not only are these events covered heavily by local, national and international media, but they give you the opportunity to meet your prospects face-to-face, collect contact information, and develop a personal relationship from the first meeting.

When attending a show, the display you use in your booth can make or break your impression. Using high-quality trade show displays and banners will show every passer-by that quality and professionalism are important to you and your organization.

There are several different kinds of displays to consider; each has its own benefits depending on your needs:

Floor displays are free-standing units that can serve as a border to your floor space and a display background to your entire exhibit. They can be very simple - covered in fabric and attached with Velcro - or be very large, complex, made from more rigid or sturdy materials, and even include attached lighting. A large, attractive floor display with colorful graphics can attract people from across the room.

Banner stands are usually smaller than full floor displays, and are a great way to both accent and divide a larger exhibit space for a relatively small cost. Some banner stands are retractable, like a movie screen, for ease of packing and transportation. Although relatively simple in construction compared to a floor display, the hanging banner itself can obviously contain any graphic that enhances your marketing message, and can brighten an otherwise dull exhibit space.

Table-top displays are similar to exhibit floor displays, but - as the name suggests - are designed to sit on top of a table. While floor displays can reach 10 feet in height and 20 feet or more in width, table top exhibit displays usually have a maximum of around 3 feet high and 4 to 5 feet wide. Other than their size, they are very similar to their larger, floor-standing cousins; they can be covered with a large variety of materials, come in every shape imaginable and be purchased with or without lighting.

No matter what kind of display you choose, today's professional displays are designed and constructed to be assembled and disassembled easily, and pack to a fraction of their full size for transporting to and from the shows. Many include clips or Velcro that can even allow expansion and assembly without tools. The price of today's trade show displays is also much less than you might think; brand new displays can be purchased starting less than $100.

Booth accessories help to round out the complete, professional presentation of your trade show booth. Portable lighting, carpeting, and wood flooring can help create a unique and appealing space that invites prospects in to get to know you better.

Today, there is no reason for a conference or trade show booth to look shabby or haphazard. Even small businesses can afford to present their company image and advertising messages professionally for a very reasonable cost.

Chris Desotelle is an experienced marketing professional, both online and offline, who believes in always presenting a professional image and developing personal relationships as the first step in growing a client base that will stick with you for the long term. Marketing at trade shows is an excellent way to introduce your company to new prospects, and displaying marketing messages with a table top exhibit display or other trade show exhibit displays can go a long way to both attracting new customers and presenting the most professional image possible.


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Trade Show Strategy Starts Well Before the Show
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