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Postcard Design - Packaging Creative Ideas to Your Postcards in 10 Ways


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Big things come in little packages. Postcard design uses small wonders to create large impact on the sales of your business.

Don't mistake the seeming simplicity of the postcard for granted. The captivating design wins your audience over. You can enjoy their full attention, and the short, no frills, easy to read copy sets the bait.

With Postcards Less is More

Postcards, when not used for advertising, are often purchased as souvenirs for hotspots and vacation areas. This might give you the idea that postcards are frivolous and cute with no other goal than to be aesthetically pleasing. But when used for advertising, postcards are a minimalist's dream project. The saying, "less is more" holds true.

  • When designing for postcards, you have to remember that the goal is to send a marketing message to an individual person.

  • Because the postcard will land right at your customers’ doorstep, they have to spend the time picking up the postcard and inspecting it before they can decide to keep or throw the postcard.

  • This assurance of a few seconds of attention means your short messages get read. Your small-scale yet effective postcards aren't anywhere near of becoming like a tacky poster screaming for attention.

    Understanding Postcard Graphics

  • The shock value referred to by other advertising materials should be left to posters and other outdoor advertisements. Postcards should be tasteful and classy. It should be inviting, tempting, intriguing. Pictures play and create the careful balance of having clear short images that produces the much needed interest to hold your client's attention.

  • It also has the ability to enhance and amplify your message. Pictures or well-designed graphics can truly enhance the meaning you want and communicate the concept you were after.

  • The graphic design of the postcards is well chosen to enhance and draw attention to the copy. Although it helps to have a picture hinting at your products and services, the picture itself should not be expected to make the final sale. Although at times, truly great images or graphics can make the difference.

  • Some postcards that go overboard with effects and computer graphics tend to upstage their marketing message and end up with nothing more than pretty images.

    Building Tension

  • Avoid boring designs that are too well balanced and stable. They do little to draw your clients’ interest. If you want to create interesting designs, you have to build up tension.

  • Tension is created when you make elements compete with one another, but in a way that their forces are so equally balanced that neither side wins. For instance, placing a small red flower near the lower left corner of a photograph creates interesting contrast to a plain, solid background.

  • Tension plays with ambivalence and dynamism. It turns simple photographs into powerful images. There are many ways to build up tension. With postcards, you may choose to do it with pictures and illustrations. But since most product shots are most likely to appear commercialized, you can choose to find tension with your choice of materials.

    Postcards may be simple advertising materials but they can make the dent in your cash register when used correctly. Work with creating an interesting postcard design and create big impressions.

    More tips on postcard design can be found at My Postcard Printing

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    How to Surprise Your Friends with Creative Holiday Postcards
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