7 Easy Ways You Can Use Powerful Words to SkyRocket Response And Profits From Your Ads


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Have you ever seen an ad so compelling, that you soon found yourself glued to it? You just couldn't stop reading! Maybe you even took the plunge and bought the product advertised. Well, the good news is you can make your own ads much more “hypnothical” by simply adding some carefully chosen “powerful words" to your copywriting.

There are some words that have been proven over time to increase responsiveness when used in advertising. The most powerful word you can ever use is “free". Most people can't resist a freebie (of course it has to be valuable, a piece of “junk" won't cut it).

But there are lots of other great words that can enhance your copy when used correctly. You can really spice up your ads just by using these words.

When looking for powerful words, always remember some key psychological triggers that make people want something. Here follows a list of buyer triggers with some example “powerful words” (you can always use variations, such as “reveals” instead of “revealed”):

Exclusiveness: people love being in a “club" most people don't have access to. They want to know what the secrets are. Here is where words such as “secret", “exclusive" and “revealed" come in handy.

Guarantees: people want to be sure that what they buy will work as advertised. Words such as “proven", “tested" and “guaranteed" give them this safety feeling.

Success: people want to be successful. Using words such as “success", “miracle" and “solution" make them feel they will be more successful by using your product.

Make money: people are always looking for ways to make money or increase their profits. Words such as “make money", “profit" and “fortune" appeal to their greedy instinct.

Save money: as well as making money, people want to save money too. Words such as “bargain" and “discount" address this.

Expertness: people want to listen to experts. Words such as “approved", “endorsed", “specialist" and “expert" make you stand as a subject authority, or enhance your product’s appeal if it’s recommended by an expert (this is called “social proof”).

New: people want to see what the “new kids on the block" are. Words such as “revolutionary", “breakthrough" and “new" appeal to their curiosity about new things .

That should give you a start. Next time you find a good ad, pay close attention to what words are used, and what psychological triggers they aim at. Write those words down and keep them handy for your own advertisements.

Once you start using powerful words in your copywriting, you can watch your conversions soar!


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