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Real Estate Logos - When You Find Yourself Dissatisfied


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When you are presented with the logo design samples that you have commissioned and are still dissatisfied by them, what do you do? Especially in real estate, where you are looking for that design concept that would give you an edge over the competition, how do you turn this situation around so you could have what you want and what you need in the end?

Stumped? Here are a few steps to take to get the gears moving again.

Specify what you do not like about the design.
Yes, the first step to take here is to step back. Get real gritty about it and note what you do and don't like about the real estate logo sample. Comments that doesn't really point into the right direction will not get you or anyone anywhere.

Also note what elements you would like to see in the design then tell your designers about them. Check yourself if you are being overly critical about the design. you may be the one running your real estate business but the designers still know more about logo design than you do. Muster on a little faith and confidence for your chosen logo company.

Remind yourself of time and effort it takes to create a logo.
If you think that a logo is so easy to make, then you might as well appreciate a bucket of paint spilled on the floor as art. This is a common misconception that early businessmen make. Logo design is an exacting field that requires a lot of inspiration, revision, and brainstorming. Although the end result is supposed to be magical, your logo designers cannot just snap their fingers to give you an impressive logo. Give them enough time to do the job and they will accomplish it for you.

Look at the logos of other companies.
If you are still stumped in finding out what you don't like about your real estate logo design, look around to the logo designs of your competitors. Also browse the portfolio of your logo design company and single out those designs that impresses you or note what elements they have that you want in your design. In no way this is tacky rather it helps your creative ideas flowing. This also helps your real estate logo designers see what kind of mindset or perspective you have, therefore make it easier for them to meet your expectations.

Get another person's perspective.
If you are tossing logo designs one after the other , might as well pass it to someone before it reaches the bin. Get another person's opinion, a colleague, a business partner, your VP or a close associate. Gaining a few insights aside from your own prevents you from making careless or ignorant judgments about the design. You never know, that one unique design you just rejected could have been the icon of the century in the future.

Pretty soon, you will finally get the real estate logo that would perfectly complement the company brand you are trying to build. Just work and communicate with your logo designers and this will be inevitable.


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