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Four Color Printing - Spelling A Big Difference With Colors


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The world is swathed with color. We filter these colors through our eyes and attempt to preserve them. Through four color printing, you can make good things last.

Print out the varying depths of blue of the ocean, the golden glow of the setting sun, and the rich carpet of greens. Through four color printing, you can enjoy the same vivid landscapes and colors right in your very hand.


Four color printing also known as CMYK process printing involves the use of the following colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These same colors pertain to the abbreviated CMYK process printing.

The only difference is that K represents the color black. K is said to pertain to the term key color. If B were to be used, then it could be mistaken for blue or brown that would cause a disaster for any print job.

CMYK are the standard colors of inks used in printing. These colors are said to be a subtractive color system where it absorbs the right amount of light to reflect back the same light which we perceive as colors.

In printing, CMYK are said to be transparent inks where half tones of the ink’s colors are applied to create varying colors. Images or designs undergo color separation in order to determine the right amount of cyan, magenta, yellow and black that will go into your prints.

The CMYK colors are then printed layer by layer to create varying shades or colors to your prints. The final print of course, gives us solid blocks of colors. The print becomes is a seamless and vibrant color print.


RGB on the other hand stands for red, green and blue. These same colors are said to be additive colors.

RGB can be found in most devices like computer monitors, television screens, digital cameras and so on. RGB as additive colors use light that is emitted through the video monitors. The video monitors holds red, green and blue phosphor dots that emit red light, green light and blue light.

By combining these lights, the monitors come up with different colors. The varying intensities of these light and their combinations makes it possible to create different colors.

Four Color Printing

Four color printing is the process used by printers to create prints that are vivid and brilliant. The images and its colors come out sharp and crisp, especially if done by an professional.

A professional printer will carefully study your file and assess the best ways to manipulate and create the finest print. And through their highly calibrated machinery, an expert printer will monitor your prints to create colors that will match closest as it appears from the file. Hence, color consistency is achieved.

Four color printing produce varying colors and shades. Your prints can only be but chromatic using this process. Your colors will pop right out and appear bright and rich.

Choosing quality paper too improves the colors of your prints. Premium bright white paper are ideal for color printing as it absorbs more light and reflects it back better. Colors, thus, become more intense and vivid. This is one of the reasons glossy papers seems to give out more lively prints.

For an attractive and attention grabbing materials four color printing will be an ideal concept to apply. To find more on its application please feel free to visit color printing wholesale


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