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Growth and Popularity of Private Labeled Bottled Water

The market for private labeled bottled water has grown dramatically as more and more companies realize the value of this low cost, highly effective means of advertising and brand enhancement.

More and more companies are turning to branded water as consumable advertising that creates word of mouth advertising that is critical to businesses that face heavy competition.

Originally the private labeled bottled water business was characterized by low quality offerings that included bottled tap water with amateurish design and cheap, flimsy label that would peel off in water or when handled by more than one individual. More often than not low quality labels had a negative effect of brand image.

More and more however users of branded water are utilizing high quality suppliers who can produce quality, customized designs with laminated labels permanently attached to bottles of purified water.

This culture of quality produced a strong brand message on a bottle of healthy water.

Only Use the Best Water

In the past low cost suppliers not only cut corners on the quality of the label and design but they would also source water on the spot market at the lowest price. Often the water was merely repackaged tap water or spring water often from untested springs. The result was bottled water that not only tasted bad but was detrimental to long term health.

Tap water contains contaminants that municipal water plants cannot remove like Perchlorate (rocket fuel found in municipal drinking water and ground water)), MTBE (gasoline additive that seeps into the ground from gasoline storage tanks) and, as described in a recent Associated Press study, pharmaceuticals and drug waste.

Spring water is subject to industrial and chemical run off, farm animal waste and pesticide runoff. Spring water bottlers are not required to show ingredients on their label.

The only water that ensures purity is purified water produced by a distillation/oxygenation process. This water is 99.9% pure, tastes delicious and supports long term health. In order to classify as purified water, bottlers must undergo testing by the National Sanitary Foundation and state authorities and bottlers cannot use the term purified or ultra pure unless their water tests 99.9% pure.

How Can Private Labeled Bottled Water Help Your Business?

Private labeled bottled water can give an edge in a competitive business environment. Unlike media advertising private labeled bottled water has staying power as customers carry the bottles home or pass them to friends, associates and relatives. This creates word of mouth advertising that has proven to be one of the most effective means of advertising,

And, because thebranded water is given directly to the customer, it is easy to gage advertising reach by this media. A high quality bottle of water that includes a high quality message can do wonders for reinforcing a brand image and message.

Make Sure Your Supplier can Respond to Seasonal Needs

Many businesses are seasonal, particularly like landscaping, construction, event planning and others that see an increase of activity during the summer months or ski resorts and spas who do well during the winter months. Requirements for branded water often increase dramatically as well and it is best to identify a supplier with production capacity and the ability to inventory large supplies of bottled water.

Many low end suppliers of labeled bottled water are small, marginal job shops who, in addition to producing an inferior product, often have trouble meeting demands of customers during peak usage months.

Chose a supplier that has the production and financial resources to meet seasonal spikes in demand.

The Volume Purchase Agreement: Convenient and Cost Effective

Some quality suppliers use a Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) that offers customers many benefits.

For customers who require periodic deliveries of private labeled bottled water, a VPA offer lower prices coupled with the flexibility of storage of customer product by the supplier until the product is required. Since storage is a big factor in using branded water, a VPA will eliminate the major storage concern. Deliveries are only a phone call away.

Private labeled bottled water can be a powerful advertising tool to increase your business but choose a quality supplier that can meet your needs.

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