24 Tips On How To Produce The Best Advertisement Layout

Paul Curran

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1. Put your attention getting message in the second quarter down the page. This is consistently the place where people look first.

2. If you are going to use a picture, place it in the top quarter of the page, above the headline.

3. Every advertisement should use the AIDCA structure; Attention getting message | Interest | Desire | Conviction | Action

4. For a one page brochure stick to the AIDCA formula above. Make a concise selling story.

5. If the boss insists on a multi-page glossy brochure make sure the front page includes the strongest customer benefit; and not the company logo and meaningless picture.

6. Typefaces: The use of a Serif typeface in your advertisement stresses the horizontal direction which helps people to read more easily.

7. Typefaces: The use of a Sans Serif typeface exhibits a strong clean cut appearance in an advertisement, suitable for short text elements.

8. Stick to one Serif and one Sans Serif typeface per document. Sans Serif for headlines and Serif for the main text. Using a Sans Serif typeface for main text can reduce readability by up to 50%.

9. Do not use italics for a large text block. Difficult to read and again will reduce readability by up to 50%.

10. Do not use italics for emphasis in your advertisement. Use bold. Italics are OK for short individual phrases.

11. Keep underlining to a minimum. It is difficult to read if used on more than a word or two. If needed for emphasis, use bold instead.

12. For the average reader a 10 point type is about right for the main text in an advertisement.

13. For older readers consider using 12 point type.

14. Advertisement headlines: For maximum impact use a Sans Serif typeface such as Helvetica or a Serif typeface such as Times Roman for a more elegant look.

15. Keep headings with ‘all capitals’ to a minimum. Longer headlines using ‘all capitals’ are difficult to read.

16. Don't use more than two levels of headings or sub-headings. Any more than that just confuses the reader.

17. For narrow columns of text use the ‘justified text’ property; where it is flush to the left and right hand edges. Use a Serif typeface for this in your advertisement.

18. For single columns of text use the use the ‘justified text’ property; where it is flush to the left edge and jagged to the right hand edge. It has gaps at the end of each line.

19. Let your words breath. Make sure you leave enough ‘white space’ around your text. That is, leave plenty of room in between your phrases and sentences.

20. Maintain consistency on your products. Don't keep chopping and changing the layout for your advertisements or brochure.

21. Use of pictures can increase the response of a promotion by 50%. Make sure they are relevant. Use a photo of the product in action.

22. The use of graphs, charts and diagrams in your advertisement will assist in selling if they demonstrate customer benefits.

23. Use cartoons with caution. Don't get gimmicky. If a photo would be better, then use that.

24. If appropriate for your product or service, use before and after photos. They do work in advertisements and brochures.

There you have it! 24 Tips to help you to produce the best advertisement layout and get you more sales.

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