Be Wary of Green Washing


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Products on market today that claim to be recycled or have recycled content in them may not be true. Because there are not any regulations in place about recycled content, it's often confusing and misleading to consumers. By distinguishing the difference between what Post Consumer Waste and Post Industrial Waste, Consumers can make more educated decisions on the products that they purchase.

Post-Consumer Waste can be defined as paper that has already been used and returned through a recycling program, and keeping it out of the landfill. This process usually involves removing the inks from these materials and then processed to make new paper or board. Office paper waste makes up the majority of post-consumer waste content that is used to make recycled copy and printing papers.

Pre-Consumer or Post Industrial Waste can be materials that have not met their intended end-use by a consumer and include allowable waste left over from manufacturing, converting, and printing processes. Examples: mill-converting scraps or trim to pulp substitutes.

Some products claim to have recycled content by using mill broke (trim and bi-product removed during production) and low or no Post Consumer Content. Read the fine print! As a nation, we create a lot of post consumer waste that should be converted into new materials. Rebinder is made from a minimum of 35-38% Post Consumer Recycled Waste.

There are some binders on the market claiming to be made from “Recycled Vinyl". Vinyl is not recyclable unless you are using left over bi-product from producing vinyl binders! It's great that they are reusing the waste that they produce, but don't be confused with the idea that people are recycling their used recycled binders.

Another binder manufacturer on the market, claims that their product is “PVC Free" and “100% Recyclable". The ring metals are riveted into the plastic. If you can find some way to disassemble this binder, just try recycling one of these binders at your curbside one week. Your curbside recycling pick up will not take it!

Why buy a product that is not recycled or cannot be recycled? We are confident that you will find our recycled binder product to be as durable as a vinyl binder. Replacing your cover with a new one is cost effective and easy to do.

Protect Your Documents While Protecting Your Environment! REBINDER

Brad Hole is the President of Sustainable Group; a manufacturer of environmentally friendly office supplies. Our office supplies will change the way you view recycled products.


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