Does Your Brochure Pass the Test - Or is It Headed for the Trash? Part Two


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In part one of this article we discussed the importance of the look or appearance of your brochure.

The look or image that your brochure conveys is vastly important. In fact, the appearance will determine how most people form their initial impression of your company. But, the message on your brochure is just as important. Ultimately you need to say something of value in your brochure if you want it to move people closer to the sale. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that your brochure has the right message.

1. Speak in Terms of Your Prospects Interests. There’s an old saying that all people are tuned in to the same radio station – WIIFM, which means “What’s In It For Me?” That is the question that all people will be asking on a conscious or subconscious level as they read your brochure. Only talk in terms of your prospects wants and interests.

2. Focus on Benefits, not Just Features. Features are the technical aspects of your product – i. e. power sunroof. Benefits are the enjoyment or satisfaction your customer will get from that feature. Remember that people buy the benefit that your product will bring them not the features. For example people don’t want to buy a treadmill; they just want to loose weight and look great. They don’t want to buy a washing machine; they want clean clothes with no effort and so on. Don’t stop at features; make sure you mention all of the benefits that you offer.

3. Brand Your Logo and USP. This falls under image and message. Make sure you put your logo and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) together. You want to reinforce the fact that your company is different and better than the competition.

4. Have Some Kind of Offer. To get the most out of your brochure have some kind of offer. Offer a discount, a free report, a sample, a free trial, or whatever makes sense for your business. Having some kind of offer will increase the chances that your brochure will generate sales.

Following these 4 tips will greatly increase the likelihood that your brochure will be noticed, and read, and, hopefully it will aid in making a sale. If you don’t follow these 4 tips, then you brochure is probably headed for the trash.

Brett Curry is a Marketing Consultant and Marketing Director for is the home of top quality, full color brochures, business cards, postcards and more at up to 70% off of retail.


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