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“How brochures can help you stand out from the competition, close the deal, and even build repeat business. ”

Most brochures are nothing more than a collection of a few pictures and a few details about a business. However, brochures can be used as powerful tools that distinguish your company from your competition, further sell prospects on your product or service, and even build repeat business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that will turn your brochure into a powerful sales tool.

1. Focus on your customer. Most brochures are written with the focus on the company. When this happens the brochure can sound braggadocios. You must remember that customers care little about your business. They are only interested in their fulfilling their own wants and needs. So talk about how your product or service meets their wants and needs. Focus on the customer and they will love you and they will reward you by making a purchase.

2. Present your case. As long as you write everything with your customer in mind it is important to show how your prospect how you outperform your competition. Be specific here. If you are faster than a competitor, tell how much faster you are and translate that into the benefit it will bring to the customer. If your product is of better quality than your competitor, tell why it’s of better quality and what that will mean to the customer. By doing this not only will you be persuading prospects to do business with you for the first time, you’ll also be preventing them from doing business with a competitor in the future.

3. Give a special incentive that’s only good with the brochure. One way to ensure that your brochure will be kept and used is to put a special offer on it. This offer could be for a discount, a FREE report, membership into a VIP program, or any thing else that might appeal to your prospect. With a special offer on your brochure it will become much more valuable to your prospect and will decrease the likelihood that a prospect will throw the brochure away.

Most companies that use brochures aren’t getting the maximum result possible from them. By following these three simple steps you can turn your brochure into the ultimate sales weapon.

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