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The Importance of Electroplating service

Lora Davis

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The electroplating service has been used for a while now; it is a NADCAP metal finishing project that involves creating a metallic coat on top of a desired object through the use of an electric current. Electroplating works on the principle that there are certain particles that can get attracted towards negative charges while other are automatically attracted towards a positive charge. In the case of the electroplating service, the negative charge will be the object that is going to be coated; it is going to get immersed inside an anodic solution and the ions that are present in the solution will get attracted and end up coating the project.

While most people don’t give any serious thought to the electroplating service, it plays an integral role in matters to do with engineering. In the earlier days it was simply used as a way of protecting metallic utensils from corrosion. These days electroplating service is used to a very large extent in the manufacture of electrical and electronic components, cutlery and jewelry to name a few; there are many people these days who use the NADCAP metal finishing process to protect any of their valuable items from corrosion.

The best thing about the electroplating service is that it can be employed or both metallic and non-metallic objects alike; these days you can easily avail a variety of these services including NADCAP gold electroplating, NADCAP certified nickel electroplating and silver plating services among others. The technique to be used will very much depend on the kind of object that needs to be coated, the properties that need to be improved as well as the metal that is being used to do the coating.

There are different types of the electroplating service; for instance, during the batch plating the objects that are going to be coated are placed in a rack before they are immersed into the plating solution. This method of electroplating is usually employed in a situation where the items that are being coated are similar; this electroplating service saves time and money because all the items get to be worked on at the same time and the method is also known as rack electroplating.

When you have very specific needs, the platters may choose an NADCAP gold electroplating that is known as barrel plating; this is usually the most affordable electroplating service and it can be used to plate different objects of any kind of shape and size. The objects will be placed inside a huge container that is filled with the plating fluid and they are moved out constantly; this is done in order to ensure that the plating is done effectively. The shape of the barrel will differ depending on the object that is being electroplated. When this electroplating service is used to work on a large amount of items at the same time the method is normally known as mass plating; since mass plating is a rough method it cannot be used for working on any delicate items.


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