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Stationary is a universal application phenomenon. All type of businesses use stationary for direct use, for communication and for various gadgets that require paper or specialized rolls. Restaurant is a big buisness not only in USA but all over the World.
With the World becoming a global villages cuisines from all over the World are making in roads into developed countries especially in metros like New York, Vancouver, Paris and London to name a few.

The restaurant are not only serve on the table types now they come in various shapes and size. Takeaway restaurants offer precooked food to guest keen on eating at home or a party. Some even buy food for daily consumption and they have fixed menu as well. The home delivery business is active in aupplying the gastronomic speciaities that people offer off the cuff.

Fast food joints are burgeoning all over the Word they first made inroads into USA and then became popular all over in many countries. The mega fast food chains are a phenomenon be it McDonalds, Burger King, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC and Subway to name a few.

Whatever may be the servings of these global brands one thing is common among them. They all need stationary be it as wrapping, food holders, cones, or as items for their accessories. Second in line though not usually global are the specialities restaurant that serve special menu or cuisine from different countries. The local eateries also require stationary as indespensible associate for packing or serving snacks of paper plates.
Hence the world of eateries is interlinked with statoinary especially paper statinary. This makes the category a specialized business for many stationers. All eateries require printers, computers, adding machines, wrappings, napkins, table cloth made of paper, disposable cups and glasses, rolls, and more.

For storage and supply food boxes are a must they make a hygenic delivery system. Various containers come into picture hence we think of a large restaurant. Films and foil wraps work as temporary storage items, Paper rolls are also required for wrapping fast food takeaways. They are also used in accessories used in the office. Another important product though indirectly used is the paper mat for kids of late they are printed in a colorful manner. Various types of paper rolls, order pads, guest checks custom and standard, menu covers, microcard holders, ink cartridges, ink pads. the list is endless.

The success of a stationary company depends upon the inventory and the delivery mechanism. Online sales store also comes into handy for the seller and buyers as well. Restaurants are much dependent on timely supplies of quality products. Substantial invetsment is required in stationary supply business for success.


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