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The Role of Autosamplers in Chromatography

Chris Nguyen

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Chromatography refers to the scientific process that consists of several lab based techniques used to separate a mixture. This mixture is firstly dissolved in gas or fluid and then carried to some other material to create stationary phase. Facilitating the speed of travel, the process helps to separate the compounds present within the mixture. It might be used as purifying process for feature analyte proportions of mixture. The idea is to make at least one part of the mixture to be stationary or immobile and the other to be mobile.

Gas Chromatography refers to the process of analysis of compounds using gas chromatograph- a machine that perform the analysis of compounds after being separated from the sample and has been vaporized. A column inlet, also known as injector helps to remove the compounds from the sample.

An autosampler is equipment that is used in the process of chromatography to ensure the accuracy during testing or inserting the portions. The instrument inserts the sample parts into the inlets of apparatus during the test with an increased efficiency and results. Now the autosamplers have become a common method of completing different types of chromatography techniques.

Instruments involved with the separation lab techniques

Gas chromatography is one of the common process for sampling the analytical instruments. It is usually used to test compounds that are capable of vaporizing without decomposing. GC can help the laboratories test and separate the mixture and its substances, identify the compounds present and create pure version of the liquid. Helim or any other nonreactive gases act as the carrier in such processes during mobile phase whereas a liquid is present inside the column for the stationary phase.

The various gas compounds react with the stationary phase elements causing the compounds to elute the different retention times. A liquid volume is inserted into the column either automatically or manually with special equipments. Motions are created by molecule absorption which determines the molecule progression rate. Progression is affected by absorption strength, molecule types and stationary phase material.

An autosampler is a kind of tool that is used to achieve insertion into the columns through automatic methods. The insertion point if referred to as an inlet and comes in the form of split less, split, on column, purge and trap, PTV injectors or gas switching value. Manual insertion leaves much room for errors that can compromise and affect the test results and are also time consuming.

Samplers are classified depending upon the sample capacity, type of technology, analytical purposes or other. They are also used for a variety of separation process that includes the measurement of volatile organic compounds. Automatic sampling has greatly improved the process and gas chromatography process as well as other separation processes.


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