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Renting Vs Building Data Centre

Leah Spencer

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Data Centre:

A Data Centre is a facility that acts as a physical infrastructure to a business. It houses computers, server and other telecommunications and storage hardware. It contains the necessary power, security, and bandwidth, backup and cooling systems for the accommodation of computing hardware. It offers management hosting and collocation hosting services in a secure and efficient manner. A data centre can be a part of the company’s infrastructure or the required space can be rented from a data centre service provider. Large businesses have no issues in maintaining their own hosting system. They have an in-house data centre that is designed and managed by their IT staffs. Smaller companies cannot afford to have their own in-house data centre as it is expensive and requires more manpower to manage an in-house server.

Renting Data Centre:

Considering space and budget issues, renting a data centre can be the best option. Especially, for a smaller business that must run on a calculated budget for an increased production rate.

Leasing a data centre is affordable and offers flexibility to the customer to customise their space to fit their purpose and budget. Maintenance and management services are also offered by the centre for a little extra cost.

Physical security is another aspect that is part of a data centre. They have power backups to offer an uninterrupted service all year round. Their surveillance team provides the best security from all kinds of threats.

Amount spent on configuring and maintaining the servers is spared as it is taken care of the data centre. There is no need to worry about spending on an in-house facility with unused space. Renting space offers the convenience to choose the required space for an affordable fee.

Building Data Centre:

Having an in-house hosting system can be expensive. It requires extra manpower to deal with power outages and other technical failures. A huge amount of money must be spent on maintaining and configuring the systems regularly. It also involves recruiting engineers, electricians and other professionals to take care of this part of the business which will cost the company.

Extra money must be spent for security facilities, such as fire protection systems, CCTVs and other forms of security. In addition, only a limited bandwidth could be accessed with in-house hosting systems.

When the business grows, it also means that the business requires an updated data centre with a bigger infrastructure. Large companies can keep pace with such issues, but small businesses cannot afford this.

In any case, renting a data centre offers a lot of advantages by cutting down the overall expenditure and improving the production rate of a business.

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Data Centre Cost Evaluation in India
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