Digital Mass Flow Control Accessories


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Throughout the world a wide number of industries must monitor and control the flow of gases. These items are often monitored for developmental purposes, but they can be monitored for additional reasons. One of the best ways for gases to be monitored is by using digital mass flow control. Digital mass flow control is obtained by using a system known as a mass flow controller.

Digital mass flow controllers can be purchased from a number of locations, but they are often purchased alone. Despite typically being sold as one item, it is possible to purchased additional digital mass flow control accessories. There are a number of digital mass flow control accessories and many of these accessories can be purchased from the same locations where the controllers are sold.

One of the most popular digital mass flow control accessories is a remote display. Remote displays are used to remove the digital display from a controlling unit. The display can then be moved or mounted on another location. This digital mass flow control accessory is popular because it allows for individuals to monitor the flow control without being in the same area as the unit.

A carrying case is another popular digital mass flow control accessory. There are a large number of carrying cases that are designed for specific unit models; however, it may be possible to find a universal size carrying case. The majority of these carrying cases are airtight and water tight; thus, keeping the product safe no matter what the environment.

Another popular digital mass flow control accessory is a battery pack. A wide number of mass flow controllers and other similar products are compatible with a battery back. A battery pack makes it possible for a unit to be easily moved and used in another location. These features are great when mass flow control does not always need to be monitored.

In addition to a battery pack, it is also possible to purchase additional power supply cords. These cords and adapters are often used as spares or alternatives to ones that may have come with a digital mass flow control unit. Not all power supply cords and adapters are universal; therefore, it important to determine which cord will work with each unit before purchasing it.

To hook a digital mass flow controller up there a number of items that need to be obtained. These items are often considered accessories because they usually need to be purchased separately. These items sometimes referred to as process connections, include hoses, filters, and values. Additional accessories may be needed, but it will all depend on the digital mass flow control product in question.

As previously mentioned, all of the digital mass flow control accessories mentioned above can be purchased from individuals or companies who sell a wide range of mass flow control products. All of the above mentioned accessories may not be available or compatible with all controllers and units. To determine if the accessories are available you can contact a well-known supplier or check a product user guide for more information.

HoribaStec provides digital mass flow control products and other semiconductor process products.


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