Business Success: 3 Steps to Get Out of the "Spin Cycle"

Edi Sowers

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Do you know what it’s like to have great ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and not be able to get a bloomin’ thing accomplished? I call it the “Spin Cycle" – you’re whirling around like a tornado with an idea storm in your head but you can’t get out of the starting blocks. Here’s what to do…

FIRST: Take some time away!

STOP and breathe. Push back. Go for a run. Listen to some great music. Get out of the office. Go see a movie. Do SOMETHING besides work – a little mini-vacation.

Take a day off! Leave. Go out of town. Go stay at a fancy hotel. Go camp in the mountains. Get out of the office, out of the house, and out of town…and leave the cell phone turned OFF!

Call a friend! Ask about them: their life, their family, their fun. Go out to lunch and talk about everything BUT your work.

After you’ve had time away:

SECOND: Identify your biggest priority by asking yourself:

1. What one thing will produce income the soonest?

2. If I were limited to working on only one single thing for an entire year– what would I want it to be?

Number One is about making money. Number Two is about your passion.

**Pick your most pressing priority**

THIRD: List 5 tangible activities that directly support that priority.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Pick one of those 5 (any one), and brainstorm all the things involved in accomplishing that one thing.

Schedule several of the items off that list for the upcoming week, and get started.

Resist the temptation to drift over to other interesting ideas. Before you start a work activity, ask yourself how it specifically supports the ONE thing you picked from your “list of 5". If it’s not related, do not do it.

At the end of this one week, you will have accomplished several specific, tangible things that are directly related to your most pressing priority. You’ll feel relieved, successful, and most important of all – you will be “off the spin cycle. "

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