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Transcription Services: What? How? Why? Which? – For your growing US business


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What is a transcription service: Transcription service is the recording of spoken words into written ones. The sources for transcription might be audio clips and recordings, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. It might seem inconsequential at first, but recounting why a business requires a transcription will help you change your mind on transcription. Why transcription: Today more and more companies are taking up transcription services.

The answer lies in the growth that it provides for your industry. Here’s how: 1. Transcription increases the accessibility of your content and your product among people with hearing disabilities (5% of the world population has some form of hearing disability) 2.

It provides an index to search engines. Since search engine function by going through words indexing will help to make your product more reachable. 3. It improves the experience of the user for whom English is not the first language. Transcription thus makes your content and your product more discoverable. It also increases the sharing of your content.

Transcription Services US: The United States offers a unique technical difficulty. It is a hodgepodge of numerous cultures and languages. However, it is also where most businesses are based.

As such it is never possible to hire an individual for all your transcription queries. You have to take the help of US based transcription services. Transcription: How? Some transcriptions can be easy, however many a times they present a challenge even to an experienced transcriptor.

The audio files might not have clear audio, or multiple people are speaking, or the accent/dialect of the speaker is not clear. Sometimes the transcriptor might not understand the contents of the audio thus making a redundant error. All the content covered in the audio might not be possible for a single transcriptor to understand.

However, fear not. For all your transcription related issues an online transcription company will have a solution for it. There are numerous transcription companies in USA but here’s a quick tip always base your selection criteria upon – cost, quality, and turnovers. Which business requires transcription? Short answer - technically every industry that has an aim to expand. However, let us iterate some common talking points: 1. Businesses: Transcription of business meetings, mailing list maintenance, menus of restaurant, and price listing. These are some of the areas of business that you might require transcription in. However, transcriptions and (expanding) businesses go hand in hand – sometimes there might be no exact delineation. 2. Medical: Doctors, nurses, and psychologists prepare a verbal report which requires documentation. This is when medical transcription is required. 3. Legal: In legal proceedings, the verbal decision made by a judge is made into transcripts. Previously this was a job for court stenographer, but with growing influences of online transcription legal transcription is increasingly being done through online processes. An online legal transcription services USA is a quick and sure-shot way to get the best bang out of your buck. 4. Media: Whether you are an influential YouTube star, or a podcaster trying to find their own, or a screenplay writer working for a major film you would require a transcription service for various reasons (some of which are mentioned above). An online audio transcription services USA will be of help in all your undertakings. 5. Others: From architectures to educational institutes, and from individuals to big governmental agency requires services of transcription. You never know when a pesky focused group discussion might require transcription or your architectural brilliance might need some words. Be sure to search for “cheap transcription services US” (in any order you like) to make sure your project has an audience that you seek. visit: Transcription Services US .


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