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What’s in a Restaurant Menu Cover?


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With business, appearance is everything, and a restaurant menu cover can make a profound statement about your restaurant.

Branding is an essential part of business. In the restaurant business, many owners are chefs, not business people. When they purchase supplies for the restaurant, they may not realize how the supplies reflect on their business. A restaurant menu cover can cast a negative or positive light on a business, depending on the selected style.

When creating a brand, every marketing element must convey the same message. The signage out front, the restaurant ads, social media accounts, every form of advertising should have the same thread. A restaurant menu cover can help enhance a restaurant’s brand. The selected style can make a statement about the type of establishment. In addition, the company logo and colors can be used to create a unified theme.

There are different types of menu covers available. Plastic, leather, and vinyl are just some of the covers available. Depending on the type of establishment, the owner may want to purchase a specific type of menu cover. A diner or theme restaurant may want a vinyl, or jukebox menu cover. A café may want to purchase vogue or retro covers. A five star restaurant will be looking for elite leather bound menu covers for discriminating patrons.

The size of the order an owner makes can help offset prices. This way, a restaurant can purchase expensive menu covers at a lower price so they only look high priced. As long as the restaurant cover is still quality, customers won’t know the difference. Being high class doesn’t mean needing to spend exuberant prices for all supplies. The money saved on menu covers can be spent on purchasing quality produce and meats for entrees.

Some restaurants need more than just menus for meals. They may need drink menus, dessert menus, or outside menus for cafes. When looking for other menu covers, purchasing matching sets helps improve brand identity and appearance. If each cover has the company logo and colors, then the customers will be introduced to the restaurant’s brand multiple times. It also helps increase the appearance of a classy restaurant that cares about its looks and its customers.

To some owners, a menu cover is an afterthought. They put so much time and energy in the décor, the menu, and the ingredients, that they have no creative energy left to consider menu covers. Menu covers should be considered a part of advertising. By imprinting the restaurant’s logo on a menu cover, or inserting a special cover in a plastic menu sleeve, a business can reinforce their brand.

Consider the message a restaurant wants to convey when selecting a restaurant menu cover. Then, chose the best cover that suits the restaurant theme. Include a company logo or the colors of the brand in the restaurant menu cover to help encourage brand identity. This will increase brand recognition, marketing, and appeal of the décor. When ordering supplies for the restaurant, understand that everything the customer sees is important. Don’t cut corners thinking that it will save the restaurant money, because people will see this and understand that the owner is more interested in making money than in making customers happy. This negative message will do more damage to a restaurant than bad food or poor service.


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