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Sound Tripping on Acoustic Doors


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Have you been to a building in Australia lately which has a solid-looking and heavily-built entry? Chances are that door you saw is meant to prevent more than just human intruders from entering their place as the doors are likely built to ward off noise too.

Recording studios

Acoustic doors became popular as recording studios began using these to help with the recording process. The doors make it possible to lessen background noise so that the final musical piece will turn out clear and crisp to listen to.

In a recording company, sound proof doors can be located in two key places: (1) the recording booth and (2) the engineering and control booth. While it is easy to imagine why a special door will be needed in the recording booth, few people can picture why the record engineer or sound specialist will need it too. To make things clearer, having the door ensures that the engineer or sound specialist can be isolated from additional rooms in the studio. Their job is to concentrate on the music they could be mixing or listening to for analysis and the door would provide additional help to reduce noise. The doors may also help the sound specialists concentrate on their work and refine glitches on the sound.

Bars, clubs, and restaurants

As major cities in the Land Down Under have more bars and restaurants at almost every turn, these companies now also employ soundproofing measures. Fine dining restaurants and bars need effective noise control because this is what clients are looking for when dining or drinking in such a location. The specialized doors will also offer more privacy; thus, a restaurant or a bar can attract celebrities or other VIP clients.

Why would clubs need special doors when they are located in commercial districts anyway? The answer is simple because clubs are usually located near other clubs too. If these places do not attempt to fix the noise they create, then clients may no longer enjoy going to the place. One club may directly hear the music of another club, and this will disrupt the party mood. Since most clubs cater to different clients and a specific music genre, music coming from another club is a guaranteed formula to get clients walking out the door.

Conference rooms

With technology developing daily, recording devices are now becoming more available. While there is nothing wrong with having a far-ranging recording apparatus, many industries may want to stay away from such gadgets especially when they have a meeting.

Having special doors meant to isolate sound in conference rooms is one way industries involved in software development, food patents, and defence contracts are fighting recording machines. To an outsider, having special doors may sound exaggerated, but to company executives this is absolutely necessary to safeguard company secrets.

For instance, a company creating a new and effective weapon may need a literal hushed scenario when discussing the efficiency of producing this weaponry. Competitors listening to the meeting can certainly pick up details and may duplicate their merchandise to offer to clients. Once this happens, the company will experience losses in research, financing, and efforts in perfecting the defence system.

With more industrialization of rural areas taking place, it’s likely that more places will have commercial establishments near residential spaces. Australian homes may one day need these doors in order to for their inhabitants to get some peace and quiet time in their lives.

Peter Ford is a noise reduction specialist with a wide range of experience in delivering custom acoustic doors for all purposes. Quality soundproofing solutions Australia can make a huge difference to working conditions at your premises.


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