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Nothing to be very sassy about it. Nudity could be a very crowd pulling idea of marketing. But here NUDE is a new way of modeling a business and see the business environment in a new light called “NUDE" model. It is an acronym stand for

N = Novelty.
U = Utility.
D = Dependability.
E = Economy.

Take the case of fax machines we are so familiar with. But in early period of fax machine, this was novel idea. People ask a lot why anyone should sent data over a telephone line. Slowly but gradually it picked up and became an essential tool of any business. There it became a utility. It lost novelty.

If we study the growth of computer industry, ideas look utility to many and novel to a big part of crowd. It is hanging in between. Many people do not see any novelty into it and use it as they use their phone. According to Michael Dell, it is just matter of time computer and Internet would become an essential utility like telephone.

Same way dependability and economy hold opposite side of table. If something is dependable, it will not be accessible to common people. That means it is very expansive. But it is inexpensive, it will not be dependable. Again the computer industry is hanging out there. Most of dependable systems are not accessible to common folk. While inexpensive system are not that much reliable.

If we want to see NUDE model very successful we can see the ITC model of “e-chaupal" (a case study of Harvard business school) Idea is very rival. Giving the poor and no-so-rich farmers the same tools which are in the reach of rich man like computer access, internet access to solve the age old problem of gap is demand and supply. In an e- chaupal anyone could get the rates of grain in Mandi of New York and Japan sitting in far flung village of Madhya Pradesh, India. They can make their decision whether to sell or not. ITC provide common people a means to connect to the outer world which was earlier a dark and very cruel world for common people. The system holds all ingredient of NUDE model. It is a novel idea. It is using and selling utility and commodities like grain. The whole system is very stable and dependable. You can see the trust in villager’s eyes. And in end the very much accessible to common men out there.

Any business idea of mass market should weigh itself against NUDE model. If you can answer all questions perfectly and deliver with economic profit, your business would a rare gem.

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Article by Arvind Kumar. Arvind Kumar is one of prominent writer and consultant on Marketing and Management. You can reach him at . For more on Gorilla Marketing Strategy and planning visit


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