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Leadership Development – Why It Should Be Taught By Others


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There’s a reason why leadership development should be taught by others and not by you or your in-house staff: and it’s this. It’s because you don’t have time. Your staff does not have time. In this day and age of super fast communications and general over work, no-one has time. Except, that is, the companies that have made it their business to provide this kind of development training. In other words, the ‘experts’.

Here’s the thing – the 21st century is the age of the experts. You don’t do everything yourself any more. It costs too much in terms of time and energy and it is never as well done as if you outsource everything to people and organisation that only do one type of thing, all the time. Leadership development should be taught to your staff, should be fostered and controlled, by companies that develop leaders day in, day out, week in, week out, month after month, year after year. Buy expertise and it will pay you back in a very quick space of time. Overall, getting the experts in to train your staff will result in a far quicker take up of knowledge and ideas – and that means a shorter route to top level leadership qualities. That means less time spent training, after that first perfect course has been attended and mastered.

Leadership development is something that companies find very hard to foster for themselves at the best of times. That’s because all of their leaders are so busy leading that they have very little opportunity to start passing the benefits of their experience on to the younger bloods. And so great leadership qualities either die out with the older blood line, or get passed on in insufficient quantities. Organisations that provide professional leadership training, on the other hand, give a broad and totally pre-tested course to new management employees – the people who will, in the future, run your company and companies like it. Investing, then, in good leadership development is the same as investing in a secure future not just for your own company but for British industry as a whole and this is not an exaggeration. With testing times upon us, around us and ahead of us, it behoves the UK industry as a whole to put its trust and its money into the leaders of the next generation.

All those young management graduates, the new blood? Get them into leadership training, on the job but run by a company that really knows what it is about, now. That’s the only way they’ll ever be ready to take their companies and their industries and lead them through the tough times ahead. Investment wise, leadership training is the best and most valuable expenditure any company will ever make. It’s convenient, it works, and it will provide the MDs of the future.


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