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Juice Fasting: The Gateway to Good Health and Wellness


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Welcome to the hectic pace of today’s living. If you’re like most of us, you’re working umpteen hours a day and also trying to squeeze in quality time with your family. Let’s face it.

We work hard, but we also play hard as well. In fact, in our desire to make the most out of living, many of us have let ourselves go. We stay up late, we eat rich foods, we drink and smoke, and we exercise sparingly.

Does this sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. It’s not a crime to want to experience life to the fullest. And, frankly, eating is a big part of life.

We eat not only to stay alive, but we also eat as a way of celebrating significant events in our lives like birthdays, promotions, and weddings. Eating is very much a social event!

Do you remember the last big social event you attended? Was it a holiday potluck, a family barbeque, or a birthday celebration? Do you remember what you ate, how much you ate, and how you felt afterward?

Well, if you’re like most of us, you didn’t hold back. This means at the holiday potluck or the family barbeque, you tried a little of everything, including at least 10 fat-laden, carbohydrate-rich dishes.

Or, you celebrated a special birthday by indulging in a multi-course meal at your favorite restaurant. In other words, you splurged!

Splurging might taste good at the time, but it leaves your stomach packed to the gills, which means a wall of food is headed toward your intestinal tract. And, did you know that when you splurge, you tend to not chew your food properly? It’s true.

Splurging causes you to eat faster, and more, and to swallow larger chunks of food. It puts a major strain on your GI tract, and can deplete your body of the digestive enzymes needed to properly break the food down.

What happens next? Like an unwanted guest, the food you ate can sit in your intestinal tract for days, refusing to budge. And, if it sits in the tract too long (over 18 hours), it will ferment and rot, and will turn rancid before your body can eliminate it.

Rancid food will release harmful toxins in your body, affecting your health and wellness.

Here’s the good news. A 24-hour body cleanse, or juice fast, can immediately begin expelling toxic material, mucus build up, and other unwanted debris from your body.

I call fasting the gateway to good health and wellness because it opens you to a whole new way of living and being.

When you juice fast, you’re fueling your body with vital nutrients, which promote healing and which slow down the biological aging process.

In fact, I have found juice fasting so beneficial to my health that I recommend fasting one day a week. It’s a vital part of my wellness regimen.

A weekly juice fast gives your body regular rest from food and multiples the health benefits to the body.

This includes a stronger immune system, improved healing processes, higher energy levels, clearer thinking, and a sense of well-being.

Healthy living is simply a matter of bringing balance back into your life and your body. But it takes effort and commitment.

Self-care involves exercising your body regularly, giving it plenty of rest, hydrating it, feeding it foods rich in vital nutrients, and cleansing and revitalizing it through regular juice fasting.

Love your body and treat it with care, and you, in turn, will experience a healthy life, which is rich with energy and vitality.

Officially, I’m a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. Unofficially, I’m known as the on a Mission. As the name of this website implies, my passion is health. Because I am so passionate about health, I make it my business to share with you all the Juicing For Weight Loss and wisdom gathered over the years, from personal experience and from others who share my passion.


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How Fasting Can Benefit Your Health
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