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Real-time energy monitoring systems: The new frontier in energy management


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There are hundreds and thousands of business organisations the world over. Have you ever wondered how much electricity these business organisations consume in a single day? Running machinery, boilers, heaters, air conditioners, and any and every type of industrial equipment? And more importantly, how much energy do they waste because of poor energy consumption practices and maintenance?

Energy conservation and the sustainable use of the earth’s resources is the issue of the day. Every business organisation - including heavy manufacturing sectors and service industries - must actively participate in saving the environment and conserving our non-renewable energy sources.

Smart organisations save energy by installing new energy monitoring technology. A real-time energy tracking system or real-time energy monitoring software. An energy monitoring system - or EMS as it is popularly called - is a powerful tool for identifying the energy consumption patterns and energy wastage in real-time.

A real-time energy monitoring system is a combination of a hardware and software solution that can operate over an Ethernet or the Internet. Energy monitoring hardware is connected to the mains connections and a network management server is installed at a remote location. The real-time energy monitoring software then communicates with the EMS system at the remote location and provides energy consumption information.
With the real-time energy monitoring system, one can analyse their energy consumption patterns and identify their energy profile. An EMS has the ability to monitor individual circuit usage, peak demand, current, active power, and reactive power. For example, one can use the real-time energy monitoring system to identify the culprits behind sudden electricity usage spikes at odd hours. For example - at 2:00am when the building is empty; or why is the heating turning on at 3:00am, or why are the lights being left on when no one is here till 9.00 in the morning.

One can get accurate results any time of the day or night and know their exact electricity usage at any particular time. The user of the real-time energy monitoring system can take the steps necessary to reduce energy wastage - and at the same time, lower their energy costs. The real-time energy monitoring system can also be used to compare one’s electricity usage with others and enjoy the cost benefits that are a direct result of saving energy.

Those wishing to reduce carbon emissions from their government, commercial or industrial organisation, can identify their energy consumption patterns using Carbon Real-Time – developed using state-of-the-art technology. This is an electricity usage monitor that helps you monitor your electricity usage at any time of the day or night – via the internet, your phone, or a wireless display in your home/office.

The Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring system is highly efficient and reliable and enables you to identify wasted energy - with a price breakthrough! For more details about the Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring system, please visit . au

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