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What's Inside the TweetAttacks Program?


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When was the last time you spent any time at all on Twitter? What's your reason for being there?

Is it a good distraction from all the other things you do in your day? Have you thought about how you could possibly use Twitter in your marketing? Well, seems online marketers are flocking to Twitter in droves so they can engage in social media marketing. You can promote your blog or website that sells just about anything, and you'll find someone there interested in it. If you want to get involved at Twitter, TweetAttacks is something to look at because it will save you time.

The fact that TweetAttacks said it could do all your product promoting without using the Twitter API was the first thing that caught out eyes. It doesn't matter what your level of usage is at using Twitter, you've probably had troubles with the Twitter API. The awesome no cost service Twitter has one problem and that's that there are so many people using it that the API sometimes clogs up and it can take a while to get Twitter started up again. Any program that can bypass the API is worth taking a closer look at!

You can manage and use multiple accounts with this. With most programs, multiple accounts require you to handle marketing tasks separately which would be time-consuming. Not here, though, you'll have the flexibility to do cross-posting to more than once account all at once.

You can essentially take a one time effort and funnel it into many different accounts all at the same time. This is leveraging action that's not the easiest to find. Ordinarily this could flag an account as a spam account, but TweetAttacks has measures in place to avoid this.

Your Twitter accounts will enjoy some protection because TweetAttacks will not raise any flags about spamming or other activities. But we can't be positive if that's an iron clad truth about that matter. Of course a moderator can report you for spam, but other Twitter users can do that, too.

But near as we can tell about it, this application works to maintain an organic and normal appearing tweet as possible. So yes, of course, that will help and it's important. It can cause you some issues and problems if one of your accounts gets the spam label. Once you're branded as a spammer, tough one to get rid of.

TweetAttacks was made just so that you would have fewer hassles. So many people want to use Twitter as a benefit, but they don't have time to commit to advertising products or services. TweetAttacks aims to solve this problem. With TweetAttacks you can advertise your products and services instead of wasting your time with your Twitter account all day long.

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