The Many Applications of Chip Shredders


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Chip shredders are heavy-duty tools with a variety of uses. They are used to rid yards of leaves and other debris and they can quickly and safely break down a tree branch into tiny wood chips that can be used for mulch or compost. Chip shredders come in a variety of sizes, from small, electric ones used on small personal lawns, to large gas powered chip shredders perfect for use on a vast field. Some electric chip shredders go for as little as $200, while top of the line, heavy duty, gasoline powered models can cost as much as $2000.

Chip shredders usually have two chutes; one for shredding plant stalks and leaves, and the other made for shredding tree branches. The items are shredded with hammers and flails at the end of the chutes. Generally, better models have more flails and hammers and can chip and shred things into tiny pieces.

Chip shredders are good for lawns. They can vacuum leaves and debris and eliminate the need to rake the yard. The small particles created by the chip shredders can be added to a compost pile or used for mulch. For most lawns, an electric chip shredder is fine. They are efficient for leaves and small tree branches. For large lawns or fields, it is advisable to purchase a gasoline powered chip shredder that is larger and more powerful.

Chip shredders are also great tools for people who prune trees. It is difficult and time consuming to dispose of large tree branches that are cut off of trees. Chip shredders can cut the branches down into particles the size of coins. The chips can then easily be put into bags and thrown away, or saved and used for compost. It is vital to use the chip shredders for their intended purpose; it is a bad idea to overload the shredder or stuff it with branches that are too big for it. Chip shredders can clog and shoot out sharp debris if they are overloaded.

It is important to follow safety precautions when using chip shredders. They are very loud, so earplugs could be a good idea. It is vital to wear goggles, because shredders can send debris in all directions. People should never stick their hands or arms in the chipper while it is turned on as the danger of losing a limb (or worse) is extremely high.

Chip shredders are valuable tools that need to be used carefully. When operated properly they make difficult yard work much easier.

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