Creating A More Pleasant Office Space

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Many people find themselves working in a dreary office, with very little to inspire and stimulate. As office space becomes smaller for the regular working person, it seems as though working conditions are less pleasant, almost unbearable at times. This is especially true of cubicle environments. However, there are many things that can be done to help beautify and enhance the office space.

A plant, or if there is room for more than one, plants, can help spruce up the office space. Studies have been done that support evidence that plants create a restorative atmosphere. Work environments decorated with plants are pleasant and provide a more positive atmosphere. The plant need not be large or brightly colored. A simple green plant, or small flowering plant, can make the office space infinitely more bearable. Plus, plants use carbon dioxide and create oxygen as a by-product. A work environment with plants has air that is less stuffy.

Office space can also be enhanced when the desk is set up so that the person can see an opening, be it the door outside, into a hallway, or the opening of a cubicle. According to practices of Feng Shui, facing the entrance to a space (in this case the office space) allows for empowerment. A mirror, placed to reflect the entrance can have almost the same effect. If Feng Shui isn’t your thing, facing the entrance gives a better feeling of expanse. Psychologically, it lessens feeling of being trapped or closed in. The perception of more space is a good way to enhance your office space.

Finally, a picture, even a small one, of a favorite landscape or work of art can bring an element of beauty and refreshment into the office space. While few people actually enjoy being at work, there are ways to make the office space more appealing and less oppressive.

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