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How to buy the right Chandelier for your kitchen, foyer or dining room online


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Here are some tips on what to look for, and be aware of, as you shop for you new chandelier. These suggestions are presented as tools to make your shopping experience more efficient so you can review and finally purchase the perfect chandelier for your living room or kitchen. These tips will help to highlight the different aspects of chandeliers so subtle differences become key purchase points when you compare chandeliers such as wrought iron vs. brass. Things such as chandelier finish; whether you want a four-arm chandelier, five-arm chandelier, six-arm chandelier, oversize chandelier or custom chandelier, and chandelier construction material are all important aspects that you must consider when buying a chandelier online. Chandelier price is something that is also highly important. As obvious as it sounds, too often people forget to compare the prices of chandeliers when they are shopping. Taking the extra time to compare the different prices of chandeliers can save you hundreds of dollars and make your chandelier purchase much more rewarding.

• Authorized Dealer: When shopping for a premium chandelier it is best to start the search by looking for high quality manufacturers. Companies, such as Hubbardton Forge, Hudson Valley and Arroyo Craftsman, require that the dealer meet strict quality and price requirements. These benefits are very noticeable when you are shopping for your chandelier online. Having a manufacturer like Hubbardton Forge stand behind the retailer means that you are assured that you will get the best guarantees possible for your Hubbardton Forge chandelier and it also means that the customer service will be outstanding when you are looking to buy your hand forged chandelier.

Another benefit of buying your chandelier from an authorized Hubbardton Forge dealer, or any other manufacturer authorized dealer, is the wide variety of products that come from being an authorized dealer. While you are choosing your Hubbardton Forge chandelier, the authorized dealer also has many Hubbardton Forge pendants and table lamps that could perfectly compliment your new Hubbardton Forge chandelier. By purchasing a houseful of Hubbardton Forge light fixtures including, pendants, wall sconces, table and floor lamps online from one source you can save time and possibly money if you are able to reach the threshold for a large order discount.

• Phone Lines: When you are trying to buy a chandelier online, inevitably the website itself will not be able to answer all of your questions. To solve this customer service problem many websites provide telephone numbers. Of these sites, you should stick to the ones that offer toll free telephone numbers. You are only looking for information about a chandelier that they did not provide so you should not have to pay for that information.

Once you are on the phone asking about a chandelier, make sure the person you are speaking with is attentive and knowledgeable in regards to your chandelier. Additionally, the customer service representative you speak with should be able to field questions about many different products from a given manufacturer. For example let’s say you have a question regarding the finish options on a Hubbardton Forge chandelier, the customer service agent should be able to explain to you the nuances of the different finish options and also answer a question about which wall sconces would best correspond to that chandelier. Further, the customer service agent should be able to tell offer other chandelier possibilities based on details regarding the room’s décor as well as your specifications.

• Live Chat: Again, while you are shopping for your chandelier it is quite likely that you will have a question that the website is not able to answer. Live Chat offers an alternative to a phone call regarding your chandelier question. However, just because you are not having a voice conversation does not mean the requirements of the customer service agent on the phone no longer apply. The person you are Chatting with should still be attentive and quick to answer your chandelier questions in detail. Like before, they should know the manufacturer’s whole product line. So if you were to ask, What Hubbardton Forge table lamp would go well with this Hubbardton Forge chandelier I am looking at? They would be able to offer you several Hubbardton Forge table lamps that go well with that particular Hubbardton Forge chandelier.

• Email: Any website that you are considering buying a chandelier from should have an email address. If the website does not have an email address then you should not buy a chandelier from that website.

Once you have found the website’s email address, usually located in the contact us tab, you can write the company a email with any questions you have regarding chandeliers you are interested in. Writing an email has several benefits over calling or live chatting with the company. When you write an email you can take your time so that you can include all your questions and needs about your future chandelier. You can list the size of the table the chandelier is going to go above as well as the finish you would like for your chandelier. If you know what manufacturer you would like the chandelier to be, you could also include that in your email.

Once you have sent your email you should expect a prompt and detailed response. The email should be written so you can easily look online at the recommendations of the customer service agent. If the customer service agent recommends Hubbardton Forge, they should have listed several Hubbardton Forge chandeliers that would work for the room you described. They should also have listed some other Hubbardton Forge products that would complement the Hubbardton Forge chandelier they recommended.

• Comparison Shopping: Once you have found a chandelier that you would like to buy, take the time to look around for the best price. Again we will use the example of a Hubbardton Forge chandelier. Write down the price of the Hubbardton Forge chandelier from the website that you first found it at. Then go to one of the many comparison shopping engines, once there, type in Hubbardton Forge chandelier. A list of many different websites selling Hubbardton Forge chandeliers will pop up. Go through and note the different prices and also the shipping cost for the particular Hubbardton Forge chandelier you are interested in. Vendors such as Crescent Harbor Lighting offer free shipping on Hubbardton Forge light fixtures.

Next, go to a major search engine such as Google. Again type in Hubbardton Forge Chandelier and look at the different websites that are selling the chandelier. Note the price and the shipping cost for the Hubbardton Forge chandelier.

• Making the Purchase: Once you have found the website that offers the lowest price and best shipping price as well, take the time to check out the website. You should be looking for the things that were discussed above like the authorized dealer certification, email, and toll free phone number. If you have any questions regarding the website where you want to purchase the Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures get in touch to verify the company’s credentials and policies is an online store that specializes in home lighting solutions in the New England and Coastal Maine Style. Wrought Iron Chandeliers, high end floor lamps, and refined table lamps are backed up by 35 years of industry experience and knowledge. Crescent Harbor only sells products of the highest quality by well known manufacturers such as Hubbardton Forge and Hudson Valley Lighting .


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