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Check Any Missed Called With the Internet


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Even though voicemail and answering machines make it easier than ever to leave someone a message, people don't always take advantage. At times, they just assume you will see their number on your missed calls list and you will know to call them back to see what they want. However, what happens when you look at that list and see a number that you do not know, and that does not match any numbers in your contact list? You can turn on your computer to see what comes up with a search.

Before you search anything, look at the number. You may know it without a name coming up. What you can do is figure out from where the area code comes. These first three digits in any phone number denote a state. More often than not, states have many, and that narrows it down to an area rather than an entire state. Once you know that information, you can search the prefix within the area code. After you do that, the name of the town from which the call comes may tell you exactly who the caller was.

If that leaves you blank, you can use a few other tools to find what you need. Some of them are free. Use the searches like Google or MSN to see if you can find any online matches to the number. Though not all numbers can come up this way, you certainly are not wasting any time if you try this search. It only take a few moments, and could save you time searching elsewhere. See what happens when you search.

Don't forget the good source of information that is the online residential white pages. Though you would normally see if you could find someone's phone number by searching them by name, you can do the reverse now. They have an option that allows you to enter a phone number to get a name to go with it. It won't work for cell numbers, and will not work when a customer has opted to be unlisted.

You can also see what comes up through social networks and other sites like Yahoo People Search. If those come up with nothing, don't worry. You do have other options. One very useful one would be a fee-based reverse phone number lookup which specializes in hard to find numbers of all types.

Martin Verite is a freelance reporter and technologist who enjoys covering the telecommunications industry. Find out everything you need to know about reverse cell phone lookups at his site

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