A Look At Who Has A Hidden Security Camera And Why


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Many different types of organizations rely on hidden cameras to bolster their security. Hidden security cameras are appropriate for businesses with many employees and sensitive information or valuable items. They are also appropriate for governmental organizations and families, among other groups.

Many businesses opt for a combination of hidden cameras and visible cameras. The visible ones serve as a deterrent to would be thieves while the hidden ones can monitor the more sophisticated thieves in the event the visible ones are disabled. Banks, casinos and large businesses use a combination of the two types of security camera systems to achieve the maximum desired results.

When employees are stealing, the hidden camera system is the most successful at catching them in the act. Clever thieves will note the angle and ability of the visible cameras especially ones that pan back and forth around a room full of people. Cameras that do this leave blank spots in their field, several seconds perhaps where a particular area is not being photographed. A clever thief will time his nefarious activities to coincide with those blank spots to avoid detection. But if he doesn’t know where the camera is that’s watching him, if he can’t time out a blank spot in the coverage, then he’s more likely to get caught committing his dirty deed. That’s the purpose of the hidden camera.

The infamous “nanny-cam" has caught more than a few nasty nannies, who were ignoring the young children in their charge, or worse, abusing them. The tapes made the rounds of various news programs on TV and a new industry was born. Now there are wireless, battery operated cameras hidden in common household items like radios, and planters that an unsuspecting nanny would never find. As technology improves and electronic items get smaller and better, hidden security cameras will become more readily available than they are today.

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What to Do When Youre Being Spied on With a Hidden Spy Camera
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